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Tools for creating the perfect wedding website


Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. Each couple is unique, but everyone wants their celebration to be perfect and fun. Thanks to modern technologies, it is much easier to organize the party even with lots of guests. There is a new way to deal with invitations and it is getting enough popular – wedding websites. It slowly becomes a modern custom and perfectly fits into the pre-wedding routine. Technology growth influenced even this sphere, making an entirely new experience of the celebration!

Why is it the great idea - to make a wedding website builder? For modern couples, an unusual site is not an elite option, but a necessity. Your page will not be just a way to announce the wedding.It can be useful if the event happens to be celebrated with hundreds of guests. There can be some problems with presents or party. A professional website with convenient navigation and technical support chat will solve them as fast as possible. Many events had their own page and as time has shown it‘s much better to have an online platform, where people can find all the necessary information instead of panicking and searching the location by themselves.

How does one create a wedding website?

When you decided to get something extraordinary with the original web page assistance, take into account that your first step should be planning. You should care about its structure. Usually, such type of websites should contain a section with a bright love story, schedule, guests list, integration with Google maps, etc. It is real to find some wedding websites examples to assist you in building your personal portal. Try not to put many decorations and functions – modesty and minimalism are fashionable. Budget is the next step in site development. You will see many platforms, which offer free tools for hosting a website, however, usually, providers with premium packages are more professional and preferable. So, you may choose a free option or the one with more tools for a premium account.

What can be more pleasant than nice memories of your loved ones? This part you can do together with your partner. If you wish to make your site more bright, try to create it as original as possible. Collecting pictures and writing of beautiful love story is the most pleasant part of website creating.The interview is one of the most fashionable features of such websites. You and your future wife or husband can ask each other some questions and answer them together. They can be about your honeymoon, everyday routine, great plans etc.

 Imagine how much fun you would have with this task! Instead of writing a whole love story about your first date and the proposal, you can say a few words about your precious partner and film a video that contains the details of your dating and future plans. You can dive into the world of positive emotions and share them with all guests of your website.

Best constructors for wedding websites

You can find many bright and useful website builders. Some of them are absolutely free and others offer different options for money. Either way you will definitely have a possibility to create a beautiful website. The only obstacle is finding a perfect platform for your website. There are so many options, how to choose?Some of them offer interesting features, while others catch the attention with their beautiful original designs. Our team has looked through dozens of platforms to find the best wedding website creator! Only six portals were chosen in this list. We have some information about the best platforms and their unique possibilities:

Wix is a simple tool which offers a wide variety of options for free. It is possible to choose a simple way – add your pictures and texts – or get an affordable plan depending on your needs. Sometimes simplicity is an advantage and in this case, it is all about that simple settings. You can choose between already existing template or create your own page if you want to get something specific. You can add pictures and video, scroll different effects and animations.  There are some disadvantages too – free options are limited and the Wix Ad will spoil your webpage with some advertisements. Also, there are no tools for a guest list, but you can create it manually. However, if you buy a premium, there will be no ads and a custom domain name. No unnecessary information – only important features for guests;

Squarespace is getting more popular nowadays. There are tons of information about how it works, which is a plus, especially for people without knowledge in site making area. Squarespace is specialized in website building for both business organizations and simple users. This constructor was developed for site creating and hosting.It gives you 14 free days to test all the functions and see whether you are satisfied or not. This platform is easy to use, but it could be useful for professionals only. Some features connected with the design are hard to understand without certain skills. Your wedding site will look stylish and elegant with this platform tools implementation. There are plenty of plans for payments, so clients can choose which tools they need, but nowadays this service is one of the most expensive;

Weebly is an online service for making websites. It is absolutely free and useful. Only a few people know about this gem – it is underrated, but some of the top wedding web site samples were made on this platform. Weebly is specialized in creating pages for small business companies and portfolios, but it has stylish and simple templates with the drag-and-drop photo editor for personalization. It is laconic and all about that manual design – there are no options of automatic interface building (some people may find it better since they have their own vision of creative decoration). This platform is a perfect free solution for couples with a modest wedding with a couple of guests. If you have some problems, you can contact the tech support, and they will kindly help you;

The Knot provides free solutions for users. You will find here a perfect wedding website maker with a variety of tools and settings to personalize your page. All the options are free, but if you need to get a unique domain, be ready to pay for it. There are many useful tools: RSVPs tracking, push notifications for the guests, wedding checklist, photo album etc. Many newlyweds recommend this website as the most perfect in this field – and it keeps to upgrade! However, people think that there are too many options on the main page and some designs are too plain and unoriginal. But you will surely find something pretty among the 100 standard templates.So, whenever you need to make your efforts look more eye-catching, you can rely on this platform to help you out;

Apply Couple is a platform created for the wedding, especially the elite ones with hundreds of guests. Since launch, it was always one of the best solutions and still it occupies the leading positions in this field. It can create best wedding websites which look good on the mobile phone or an app with useful features, such as real-time alerts, discounts for hotel rooms, e-mail communication, push notifications, chat etc. As for the couple, the platform offers an organized guest list, budget manager and gallery. The interface is one of the most eye-catching advantages.Apply Couple offers beautiful templates, made by famous designers. So, your website will be fully customizable with all the settings you need, including guest lists, gallery, schedule, etc. This platform surely is expensive (imagine how hard it is to run dozens of websites with various options), but the amount of features and interface decorations is astonishing;

Joy is a comfortable service for persons who have no special abilities in portal development. This platform can manage to create the lists and to point the locations on the map. There is also an interesting option for guests – they can make their own gallery with wedding pictures. The most pleasant feature of this platform is that all the options are free! Customers have access to all tools and designs! You can choose from thousands of templates, add you fiancé or another person as an editor and customize everything from the font to the main page structure. Another huge plus for people who prefer traditions is an option to print matching invitations for the guests. There is a service call center for solving problems and incorporated Google maps in case someone got lost.

How to choose a platform?

Design, features and budget – these are main criteria for a website building platform. They are different and some can meet your expectations perfectly while others not. If your wedding is humble and only the dearest ones are invited, you can concentrate on the free options with an accent on the design. For couples with a lush celebration with many guests it can be more useful if there were tools such as chat, guests and presents list, map navigation etc. Having these instruments can help to cope with a huge crowd. Some platforms such as Joy or Apply Couple offer an option to make personal invitations. The celebration of love is for everybody, but certain events can be only for family members and close friends.  Many companies collaborate with booking organizations to get a discount for hotel rooms, restaurants etc.

As we said earlier, it depends on the guest list whether you will need a full pack of tools or not. Wix and The Knot can host a website for free, but if you want to remove watermark or ads and add some features, you will pay a certain price. You have a right to choose how many settings you need for your web page. Apply Couple offers a whole interactive application for your guests. For some couples a personal domain name is very important. Joy and Wix have an option to create a personal address for your webpage if this is vital for the customer.

The budget is the following criterion. Almost all platforms provide users with a free package of basic tools and templates. But, if you devote some money on the website, you could use different options. Squarespace gives a 14-days period to test all the options, but there is no free plan. Weebly’s instruments are free and the Knot has a wide variety of tools to choose from. You can try to use all the platforms and decide what is excellent for you.

Advantages of running a wedding website:

  • A wedding website for couples is not only a perfect tool for contact with the guests – it is a place where you can keep your memories about this wonderful day of your life. You can create a whole cloud space filled with pictures and videos from this magnificent celebration of love. People are very sentimental – you and your guests will have access to the gallery in any time;
  • Some platforms created for wedding specifically offer access to the best online stores where you buy the dress, decorations, print paper invitations etc. The days of booking everything separately are gone! Try this option of one-stop-shop and escape the devastating pre-wedding routine;
  • According to the statistics, three out of four celebrations were organized with the help of online platforms. More and more people decide to make their own wedding site to share all the updates with the guests without spending much time on emailing to everyone personally;
  • You can write a love story and add some pictures together with your loved ones. Nothing bonds more than an evening full of recollecting the memories. You can find some examples in best wedding websites 2019;
  • All the guests receive their RSVO cards in the mail. They only have to fill a small form and send it back for creating a registry. It is much easier and more eco-friendly than printed invitations;
  • Some platforms offer discounts for hotel rooms, excursions, restaurants etc. You just have to find a desirable company and the work will be done for you. Everything will be booked and paid in one click;
  • There is an opportunity to make it without spending money! There are some best free wedding websites which look good but are made on free platforms.

Don’t worry - your wedding day will definitely be as beautiful as a dream. But no bees no honey – if you want to have a perfect celebration, you will have to work hard and thoroughly plan everything. Sounds boring but in every beginning think of the end – how happy you will be when everything you’ve dreamed of for a long time will come true. All your family members and friends will gather at your party with pleasant background music and happy tears on their eyes.

Everything needs a base and for the website the online constructor is a core. Each platform has its own pros and cons. Some of them were created only for wedding websites. Usually, they have interesting design ideas and original features, but bigger constructors offer a wide variety of settings. Either way, if you plan your website thoroughly, you will be satisfied! Use convenient wedding website builder and keep your great memories for your kids! If you have no idea how to make a wedding website, you can hire professionals to get the perfect portal.