Website Builders For Photographers

Best Website Builder For Photographers 

As a photographer, you will probably guess that you need a professional site with your photos. Not only to show off your pictures online but also as a place where you can sell your photographer services.

Without a website, people will not take you seriously, because customer relationships are formed when they first see your work and how to create a photography website.

Nowadays, there are many security options for creating sites. 

So unless you are a developer, there is no reason to worry. It's much easier to create your site today. Indeed! Website developers are cheap, easy to use

Choosing the right website designer is essential to maximize your visibility online, the quality of your photo portfolio, and the amount of business you can create.

So how do you choose the best photo website developer for your specific needs? Well, we have the answer.

We do our thorough research and test hundreds of platforms, so no need.


Best website builder for photographers


The first thing to say about this editor is that it is suitable for creating a variety of business card sites. These can also be complex in terms of design work. Moreover, these sites are organized very well in terms of functionality photography.

It is a famous photography constructor for creating different types of portfolios, sites for doing business, advertising pages. Blogs are very successful - easy to do, easy to maintain.

The e-commerce component has also been developed, especially considering applications and proprietary know-how like Wix Corvid.

For whom Wix will be relevant

  • entrepreneurs of small and medium business;
  • artists, designers, makeup artists, musicians, stylists;
  • writers, journalists, bloggers, fashion designers;
  • to all, whose activity is connected with creativity and self-realization.

Let us name the areas in which we can characterize Wix and photography website builder:

  • The low number of sites because each design must be created manually. Blogs, forums, leading stores, and other dynamically expanding pages of the site do not make it difficult. This only affects static pages, such as contacts, settings, collaboration terms, company history, production, and more.
  • The Wix application store has a wide range of additional functionality (in fact, these modules are just like other systems). Different categories of useful applications (more than 250 products in total) will help you achieve almost every reasonable goal.
  • The service can inspire its appearance, help convey ideas that are twisted from a technical and design point of view. The most crucial wealthy designer with extensively advanced features for scalability and depth of functionality.



  • Beautiful blog post layouts
  • convenient editor and post manager;
  • deferred publication;
  • sorting by categories;
  • SEO for every material.
  • ample opportunities for design, decoration of the design of the landing;
  • creating a structure of any complexity


  • honestly - in this format they are not. Although indirectly one can note the relative unsuitability of the engine for creating blogs with a sophisticated, branched structure.
  • out of the box there are no specialized tools for analyzing the conversion of landing pages - A / B tests, sales funnels, statistics on traffic sources and more


Wix  builder features over 50 blog design options and how to make a photography  website

You can choose one of the ready-made templates of suitable topics, or create your blog layout to your liking.

There are several one-page templates for the Landing Page on Wix that come bundled out of the box. They are very successful. You can do without them: look at what structure the correct landing page should have (Google to help), take a blank sheet, add the necessary number of “Strips” and place the essential elements inside them - video, photos, reviews, forms, buttons and so on that will be required to implement the layout.

Thanks to the effects, the landing will turn out to be not only correct, but also beautiful. We recommend that you leave the main menu and add anchor links to stripe blocks to it. There is no countdown timer in the drain, but it can be found in applications, if necessary. In пeneral, Wix is ​​great for creating one-page sites, almost to the same extent as business cards.

Website → Nothing to complain about, just enough. The editor is powerful; the templates are beautiful; there are many widgets, it’s nice to work.

Blog → Everything is gorgeous. A small fly in the ointment was the inconvenience of creating truly voluminous thematic blogs - you will get confused in the entries and categories, the tools for administering them are not well thought out.

Landing Page →The problem is one - there are no specialized conversion analysis tools. It is solved using third-party tools.

Online Store → Presentable, quite functional, but not enough how to start a photography website 



Amazingly designed and at the same time simple site builder, whose functions and capabilities will suit the widest user audience. 

However, this service is best suited for those who want to create an online store. In this regard, Squarespace is the absolute leader. Squarespace's ability to create online stores is not only amazing in itself: another outstanding feature of this service is its various integrations with third-party platforms. Partnerships and alliances seem to be a vital feature of the service: from the image gallery (hello, Getty Images) to accounting integration with Xero (online accounting software).

Despite Squarespace’s rich arsenal of features, the service remains very accessible and convenient, entirely in line with its reputation as a simple and intuitive editor thanks to its drag-and-drop interface and clear menus. 

Squarespace features respect of  builder

Web analysis:

  • This program has sufficient built-in web analysis. This allows you to show which visitors have access to a specific site. And many other options. This means the total number of visitors, some unique visitors and where they go to that site and make a photography website. The source from which they found the site.
  • An important tool is intended for its users. This is a valuable service. A very important tool that can help you analyze visitor searches and find out which questions are entered into search engines to reach your site. Of course this is all useful for optimizing your website's search engines.
  • All analytical information is presented very easily and clearly. It allows users of all levels to work on analysis. If you already have a Google Analytics account and would like to add this review system to your site, know that Google Analytics is perfectly integrated with Squarespace.


Powerful  builder for best websites for photographers

Squarespace's style editor provides access to perhaps one of the most powerful and impressive customization settings I've ever seen with a site builder. I especially highlighted this point, because using this advanced editor is very simple: all available options are presented so that users do not have to wade through the jungle of the menu. Through the same menu, you can make any changes. For example, the style editor will give you the opportunity to change the font and color of some elements throughout the site at once with the help of a single list with eight options, including text colors and headings of different levels.

Pros: The templates are much prettier than in Wix. They’re straight stylish, with such a model, it’s not a shame to make a website. Templates are also categorized as Wix.

Starting your site on one template, you can then switch to another, as I understand it, without completely losing your pages and texts.

Minuses: The possibilities to change something in the template for yourself are very few. In general, the level of flexibility of the models is low. For example, there is no way to take an existing text block and move it with the mouse a few pixels to the side. Where this block was initially installed, there it will stand and will be, you can only replace its contents.

The interface is aesthetically much prettier than WIX, but it is very complicated and unintuitive. I couldn’t figure out even the most standard actions myself until I watched the training videos, and in all previous services, I turned to videos only to find out about some special functions. But I think if you make an effort on yourself and understand the logic of the interface, then you can get used to it.

Opportunities websites for photographers

Squarespace was created to create and host blogs. But e-commerce features were soon added, such as integration with Stripe to accept credit card payments.

Squarespace is a straightforward and thoughtful website builder, the functionality of which is suitable for creating websites of any complexity: from a blog to an online store. The designer allows you to easily create a website in a visual mode without programming knowledge. For experienced users, webmasters and freelancers, there is the ability to edit the source code, insert their scripts and styles of photography.


SmugMug service is an excellent toolkit for creating a portfolio site for photographers, both beginners, and professionals. 

Rest assured, your photos are securely protected, and the space for storing them is unlimited. You can choose a suitable tariff for you and create a beautiful website for selling your photos.

SmugMug, specializing in creating sites for photographic websites, offers several great features that set it apart from more versatile platforms. These include:

  • Sync your photo library with Lightroom
  • Add custom watermarks and right-click messages to protect images further
  • Partnership with professional printers so that visitors can order prints/products directly from your site without the need for additional integration
  • It just scratches the surface, so it's worth comparing plans to see what you get for your monthly fee.

Storage on SmugMug

All plans include unlimited download space and bandwidth, so SmugMug matches its competitors here. It is well-equipped for processing images up to 150 MB in size, which makes it an excellent platform for storing your photography.

Unfortunately, you cannot use your domain on the cheapest tariff plan, for this, you need to go to the second level of the “Power” plan. This is a little frustrating since paid plans usually offer it as a standard selling point. On the other hand, there is no advertising on the page, which is a big plus and makes your site without interference. Especially important in the photo site.

If you are a pro photographer, then SmugMug is for you! Using the service, you can not only not worry about the safety of your photos and videos, but also sell them directly from the portfolio site.


The minimum tariff, there are even more expensive ones that expand the functionality of creating a site. But with the first option, you can create a website with pretty galleries, share them with family and friends (or open them for public access).

The SmugMug system analyzes several metrics every minute to decide whether to launch or destroy computing instances as necessary.

SmugMug automates the transfer and processing of videos and photos to the cloud by organizing queues, which allows you to control the frequency of sending processing jobs and the number of copies needed at any given moment to handle the current load.

The SmugMug script follows the principles described earlier. 

Application and system-level metrics are combined to plan capacity, and historical data collected are used to make forecasts. SmugMug knows its ceilings well, monitors possible proximity to them, and adjusts current positions within a narrow, free time window.

To "fill" the photo there is a desktop utility, third-party downloaders, support for Amazon Drive, Dropbox and Flickr, services for downloading new images from iPhone and Android. There is also an option to remove duplicates.


Weebly  photography  websites for photographes

Weebly offers attractive templates, but they seem to be somewhat of the same type. Huge photos at the top, same sliders, similar fonts - the themes are professionally done, but if you want an unusual design, you will have to work hard on customization. However, they are templates to give only the basis for further creativity. The division of topics into categories causes more questions. It is not, although some subheadings on the page with design options are present. Therefore, you have to look through all the topics. Fortunately, there are very few of them: offhand, about 40 pieces. It is difficult to calculate the exact number because the same templates are present in different categories.

The main plus is the ability to edit HTML / CSS. If you know how to do this, you can rewrite the template code again, having formed a distinctive website design. But even without editing HTML / CSS, there are enough customization options in the theme options. In the font settings alone, you will find the parameters of all the elements, from the site name to the signature to the drawings.

Weebly shows what a real visual editor should look like in which everything is configured with the mouse. 

The constructor offers five sections:

  • Create - Add widgets and blocks to the page.
  • Pages - site structure management.
  • The theme is design customization of photography
  • Shop - work with the functionality of the photography  online store.
  • Parameters - general site settings.

Weebly will not be in the first place in the list of constructors to be used, although he has all the makings for this. 

Among the advantages of the service can be noted:

  • Professionally designed templates with the ability to edit CSS and HTML.
  • The convenient visual editor in which you can quickly customize the appearance of the pages.
  • Application store for expanding functionality.
  • Useful tools for organizing online sales.
  • Flaws that are hard not to notice spoil the picture. We already talked about terrible localization and high prices, but there are other disadvantages:
  • A limited selection of themes for the site.
  • Commission from transactions at lower rates.
  • Lack of ruble support in-store functionality.

Weebly's good points instantly overlap with negative aspects. There is an application store, but it’s free part is not needed, and the useful one requires new investments. Sales tools are quite convenient and functional, but without the support of the local currency, it makes no sense to create an online store to build a photography website