uKit Website Builder Review

uKit Website Builder Review: All You Need to Know Is Right Here!

uKit website builder has long been known to everyone under the old name Ucoz. Today it is a universal designer that can make websites for any purpose a reality. It doesn’t matter if you want a landing page or an online store of average size. All this can be done in one place. If you do not have experience in such a business, then this is not a problem! Ucoz is for those who have never encountered this.

Pros and Cons of uKit

This constructor is becoming increasingly popular and this is not surprising. Let's look at the main advantages of this tool.


  • uKit has a clear control panel, which does not cause difficulties in use.

  • The visual editor is suitable even for beginners who have not previously encountered the creation of a site.

  • It is possible to customize SEO optimization.

  • The ability to optimize the site for any device.

  • The ability to integrate with other services.

  • Well-coordinated work of technical support to help deal with problems.

  • Constant update of uKit constructor, new templates, widgets and so on.


Despite the many advantages, some disadvantages are also present in uKit. Although, with a great desire, shortcomings can be found in absolutely all such tools. Let's look at the main disadvantages that users who want to work with Ucoz should know about.

  • The range of templates is very limited. Despite the fact that there is a large number of them in each topic, their design is too similar.

  • The presence of design restrictions starting from the choice of colors that cannot be customized.

  • The lack of a free plan. The prices for the rest are relatively high in comparison with other similar tools. 

Is it Ease to Use? 

uKit constructor allows you to frame a site and is suitable even for those who have never done this before. In order to get started, you must go through the standard registration procedure or do it using social networks. By the way, you can transfer all content directly from your Facebook page.

The process of creating a site begins with the selection of a template. When you like some kind of template, you can select the preview function. You can also change the screen size to understand how the site will look on various devices.

All site customization is performed in Ucoz visual editor, where all the necessary tools are located to change the appearance and content. We almost forgot to mention, it's possible to frame a site through drag and drop. 

It is worth noting that uKit builder has integration with other services. That is, you can add various widgets, an application for subscriptions, a call order and buttons of your social networks.

You can also work on the site collectively. That is, you can configure access to the administrative panel for a certain period of time. For example, you want another person to engage in content filing or maintaining the site. To do this, you will provide him with access with login and password and that's it. He will be able to get to work. Naturally, you can set restrictions so that your site is not deleted, access is not transferred or changed to another tariff plan.

As for which site you can frame here, there are no restrictions. On the contrary, there are many opportunities for both online stores and landing pages. Simply put, this is a universal constructor that will help to translate any kind of website into reality. And yes, for this you cannot have special knowledge and skills. Only time and desire to achieve a result. Well, with professional help or knowledge, you can make a truly cool site.

The Key uKit Features

Let's start with the basic tools that will help you frame your site.

  • eCommerce

With the built-in Ecwid Shop, you can easily frame an online store. Just register on the module website and get to work. But remember that creating a large store will take a lot of time. There are no restrictions on the number of goods. You can sell goods in any currency. All information about new orders will be sent to your mail.


  • uKit Online Calculator

This is a good tool that attracts the attention of users. With it, users can determine the cost of services in a few clicks.


  • uKit Table Sheets

This widget helps you frame tables as easily as in Excel or Google. If you know how to work with tables, then you can figure it out in a few minutes.


  • uKit Fonts

You can use only two fonts. This is done in order not to confuse users with a large number of different fonts. Dealing with this item is also not difficult since it is similar to the process in text editors.


  • Images and Video


It is possible to crop the photo, display the desired fragment. You can also post videos, do an automatic launch or display similar ones. In general, if you are one of those who likes to play with the media, then you will like the opportunities that uKit provides.


  • uKit Useful Widgets

Also, users expect interesting widgets to help make the site even better. Among them, there are Social Networks, Google Maps, Steps, and Timeline.


  • Hosting

This service is different in that there are no restrictions for storing files. But an equally important advantage is that the images will be optimized automatically for the normal website functionality.


  • Promotion

It is possible to promote the site thanks to coupons and promotional codes.


  • uKit Service Tools

Just imagine, but you can even frame your own page design 404. Also, if your site belongs to government agencies, where there are clear rules, then this section will come in handy.


  • CRM Integration

It is possible to integrate with AmoCRM.


  • uKit Domains

Upon registration, a domain will be assigned, it can be changed when purchasing tariff plans.


  • uKit SSL Security

You can connect an SSL certificate to your domain for free. 

What to Know About the uKit Designs?

All Ucoz templates are divided by direction. Therefore, the owner of any business will be able to find the appropriate design for himself. There are also templates for one-page sites. We have already said that this is a universal constructor and you understand why. You can use special filters to find the right design pattern.

Templates can be changed thanks to widgets to make your site unique. All pages can be customized, their display, background, and structure can be changed as well. In general, there is everything you need to make your dream site.

An important point is to check the adaptability of your site. Before you save the design, you need to look at how the pages will look on various devices.

SEO Opportunities in uKit

All sites that are framed using this toolkit are optimized for search engines. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the meta tags. Setting them up is also not difficult. In the SEO section, you can configure the following items:

  • Page access address. (Such an address should reflect the essence of the section).

  • Title tag - the name of each page.

  • Description tag - description of the page.

  • Keywords tag - keywords for indexing the page.

  • Image tag - creating an attractive display of media files.

  • The prohibition of indexing - so you can hide pages from the search engines that require refinement.

  • It is also possible to synchronize Google Analytics to understand how your website is being promoted.

In principle, there are all the necessary tools for self-promotion. But with the help of professionals, this is much easier. 

uKit Customer Support Will Help You

Actually, this is another reason why beginners can try to make a site on their own using uKit constructor. If you encounter any difficulties, you can get answers thanks to Ucoz's technical support in many languages.

Moreover, the tool offers ready-made questions and answers that users most often encounter. There are also many educational articles that can come in handy when creating a site. If you could not find tips or answers on the site, you can directly contact support.

This can be done both via email and via Skype. To do this, you just need to fill out a feedback form. Most users note that they received a response in a short time. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask for help.

uKit Pricing Policy and Discounts

Now we have moved on to the most interesting section. In fact, prices are affordable, but some believe that there are cheaper designers. Let's look at the main suggestions for the uKit constructor.

Let's start with the discount system, the longer your subscription period, the larger the discount. Therefore, it is definitely more profitable to subscribe for a longer period. Also, if you run several sites at once, then you will also be offered an additional discount.

  • Prices for tariff plans start at $5. In this regard, there is everything you need to make a site.

  • The next plan is worth $10. The possibilities differ from the previous one in that there is real-time chat and there is no copyright system. We can say that this is the best option for the subscription.

  • If you want to frame an online store, then you will need to purchase a package for $12. There is a free trial here, so you can first get acquainted with the possibilities before buying a tariff plan.

  • Well, the last package that costs $15 opens up many additional features. Well, this uKit premium plan includes the possibility of e-commerce.

Unfortunately, there is no free plan here. But there is an opportunity to test the functionality of uKit using the free version for two weeks. In principle, this period is enough to deal with all the functions and capabilities. And of course, to understand which tariff plan suits you.

uKit Reviews from Users

  • Pros

I was able to cope with the site on my own in two weeks. Everything is simple and there are quite affordable prices.


I did not notice such.

  • Pros

It would never have crossed my mind that with its help I would be able to frame a full site. The costs are small, and a great site is ready.


I waited a long time for answers from uKit customer support.

  • Pros

It is suitable for beginners and allows for creating a decent site.


There are very similar patterns.

  • Pros

If you do not want to bother with the creation of the site yourself, then the uKit website tool is just for you. Very good technical support work that will answer all your questions. And in less than a week the site will be ready for a sane monthly fee.

  • Cons

I did not manage to make some features I wanted due to a lack of knowledge. However, there are a lot of useful uKit how-tos and other educational materials. 

The Most Popular Questions from Users

  • Will I be able to collect data from Google Analytics in uKit?

Yes, of course. To do this, you just need to do synchronization and you can track how your site is progressing.

  • How many users use uKit constructor?

Each month, 60,000 users go through this constructor.

  • Does this uKit constructor have discounts?

If you make more than one site, then you will be given a special discount. Also, the longer your subscription period is, the less you will need to pay.

  • I’m sure that my website should be focused on mobile devices. Is this tool capable of helping me with this?

Yes, of course. When developing each page, you can see how it will be displayed on different devices.

  • Who is uKit builder suitable for?

It is suitable for everyone who needs a website. Thanks to a variety of templates, you can find the right design for any business in uKit. Moreover, even complete beginners can cope with uKit.

  • It's free?

No, but you can try uKit functionality for free for two weeks.

  • Is uKit suitable for blogging?

Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of SEO promotion and design, it is quite suitable for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Since Ucoz/uKit is positioned for business, there are no free tariffs. Nevertheless, there are two weeks to understand whether you need to dwell on this designer or not.

Setting up templates is built in such a way that you cannot ruin anything. Therefore, it is suitable for complete beginners. The prices are reasonable and the possibilities are extensive. So if you are looking for a solution for your business, stop at this option!