Offline Website Builders

3 Solutions for Offline Website Development  -How to Choose the Most Effective One

At the moment, the number of sites already created is close to two billion. For comparison, the population of the Earth is about seven billion. This is an impressive comparison, right?

However, what does this mean for business? For business, this means that if you are not represented online, then most likely you simply do not exist, although the opposite is true. If you have your own website, you have every opportunity to reach any of the above seven billion people to offer your products and services.

Among professional website developers, the opinion that creating a professional solution is expensive is already firmly entrenched. These services are really not cheap. However, with the growing popularity of online business, favorable conditions for creating start-ups and the development of e-commerce, the opportunity to create a website yourself also appeared. All you need is to choose the most suitable technology, as well as a little time and effort. 

Website Builders as a Convenient and Cost-Effective Opportunity to Create a Website Yourself

A website builder is a program or a web application, the functionality of which allows you to select a ready-made template for your web project, customize some functions, fill the website with content and release it to the wide world. Let's consider the additional benefits of such solutions.

  • Website constructions are intuitive. You do not need knowledge of the code, you do not even need to fight with WordPress, which, although easy to learn, still has its pitfalls. All you need is to follow the prompts when creating your design.

  • The template that you need is ready. Website builders already contain hundreds of templates that are suitable for any purpose - from creating a simple landing page with a subscription form to a full-fledged online store with a secure payment acceptance system and the ability to track order status.

  • Any function can be customized. You can add any button buy yourself for your interface or remove it if it is embedded in the template, but you do not need it.

  • The pricing for this solution is definitely vä adequate. Most of the applications for creating the site give the opportunity to use the basic functions for free, or else they offer a trial version that will be active for several days or weeks. However, the premium account costs a little more money. But the main advantage is that you can create everything you need buy your own hands, and only pay for a unique domain name at the end of development.

  • All online and almost all offline website builders are currently focused on creating such sites that will be easily adapted for mobile devices without loss of quality, functionality, and usability. As important information, already 63% of the US traffic comes from mobile devices, and it is predicted that global mobile data traffic will reach 49 exabytes per month by 2021. Therefore, this feature comes to the fore, and the ability to work with the site from a mobile device is one of the most important must-have of any modern website.

  • The choice of online and offline website builder software is huge. You can use both the most simple solutions and those that allow you to make changes to the code. It is also possible to create your website online or install a special program so that the work on the website is not interrupted even in the absence of an Internet connection. Further, we will tell in more detail about the last two possibilities.

Online vs Offline Web Builder  - What Type Is More Suitable for Your Business?

We have already said, that it is possible to create your website using an online or offline website builder. In the first case, you will use specialized web applications, and in the second - installable software. Let's look at the possibilities of each of the approaches in more detail.

  1. The first solutions work completely in the browser, and the data is saved on its own server. What is more, you may create your website directly from your mobile phone on the go. 

  2. The latter is installed on the computer as a program. An offline web page builder is like a graphical editor with the difference that as the result you get an archive with the pages of the future website. You can upload from any hosting, buy a domain name, and, thus, publish your project on the Internet.

Advantages of Online Website Builders

  • You work in a browser only, and all you need is a stable Internet connection;

  • You are not limited to working on only one computer. It is possible to work simultaneously from several places, for example, in the case of a dedicated team.

  • The online security provider provides hosting as well;

  • You can try most of the features for free during the trial period, or pay for the domain name after the development of the site is over.


  • The functionality that you can implement is not infinite. If your project is quite complicated, even with all the possibilities of customization, you will still encounter restrictions. But there is also good news - if the basic functions are enough for your project, you will never think that you are lacking something.

What Are the Pros of the Software for Building a Website Offline? 

  • You can work with the website even without access to the Internet;

  • Data can be stored on a computer, external disk, without the need to immediately pay for hosting;

  • More choice and freedom in terms of further use of the website - you are not tied to a subscription, as in online applications.


  • A website builder offline will require more technical skills from you. In order to customize certain functions, you will have to work with the code editor, and upon completion, you will be forced to configure a separate web hosting yourself.

So, What to Do When the Choice Is Not Obvious?

When choosing between online and offline software to create a website, first of all, it is necessary to proceed from the specifics of the project. For this, it is necessary to answer the following questions.

  • What are the specifics of the project? It can be a simple landing page, or it can be a full-fledged online store with hundreds of products. In the first case, the functionality of the online builder will be enough, and for greater customization of the online store, it is more reasonable to use more advanced solutions.

  • What are the main characteristics of the target audience, and what devices do they use? Most likely, your users will mainly use mobile gadgets. And if in the case of an online solution, the adaptability of the site is already thought out, then if you build a website offline, in the most cases,  you will have to take care of this issue further.

  • How long will your web site live on the web? For example, if you create a landing page for a promotional offer, it makes sense that the site is working only for the duration of the offer, so it is possible to use a monthly subscription in an online builder. But if it is a long-term project that will need to be scaled in the future, it will be more reasonable to use offline software.

Next, we describe the three most popular programs that can be used offline after installation on your computer.

Let’s Choose the Most Suitable Offline Website Builder - 3 Main Solutions to Consider

The first thing you need to do is looking for the answer to the question of how to how to create a website offline is to choose the best offline website builder that will fully fit the characteristics of your project. We have picked up 3 the most advanced solutions that will suit almost any business. Feel free to choose. 


Now it is a top-rated builder,? that has practically no such strong rivals in a niche. Yes, it still shows itself best when creating business cards - it’s impossible to get away from the roots. But other features can also be implemented quite successfully. This solution allows you to implement a variety of rather complex from a functional point of view sites at a very decent level. Thanks to an impressive array of additional features, Wix is ​​almost universal. You can create business websites, blogs, portfolios, online stores and landings, and even forums using this great builder.

The Best Features to Use

  • Choose from dozens already developed templates

  • Use the opportunities of customization tools;

  • Take benefit from additional applications like Wix Code, CRM, SEO wizard;

  • Set up the features to get customer feedback and statistics.


  • Promoting a site on Google will be difficult. You can only drive traffic through contextual advertising.

  • Site backups are not provided on Wix. In the event of a server crash, your site may disappear too. This is unlikely but possible.

Who Is This Solution For?

Wix is ​​a good platform, first of all, for those who conduct any commercial activity and want to expand the reach of the audience. Business sites, landings, portfolios, digital product stores, personal blogs are the main specialization of this solution. Wix can be used to create a personal site or to create projects for clients.


The functionality of this solution is quite interesting because it focuses on the visual component. However, advanced features for those who know how to work with the code are also provided. The application pays a lot of attention to creating responsive websites, so this will no longer be a problem. All actions can be done using the approach of drag and drop, as well as get help and support from the developers.


  • The created site will get all the opportunities for optimization.

  • The program boasts a very user-friendly interface.

  • It is suitable for both Windows and Mac.

  • Basically, this solution is free, but for the full operation of the site, for example, to integrate the online payment system, you will have to make a small payment.



  • It is likely to encounter difficulties when installing the program.

  • Compared to competitors, the possibilities for customization are a bit limited, however, if you have some technical skills, it is possible to acquire the Code Editor and create the necessary function yourself.

  • The update process requires the availability of project work files.

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is designed to create business cards and landing pages. This is a complex program that can be justified only in the hands of experienced designers, who can use it to create really interesting, unique pages with good functionality.

For those who have little technical skills, this program cannot replace designers with a visual editor, because they are simpler: there is an online control panel, it is easy to add/change custom content, there are no problems with hosting.


  • Muse allows you to create responsive websites. That is, when you create a project, you will be offered to choose a fixed or flexible width for it. Of course, it is worth choosing the second option. Otherwise, you have to make mobile versions of the site layout separately.

  • As for the customization of elements, its possibilities are almost endless.


  • The program is not designed to create blogs because it does not provide for dynamic content updates, exactly like online control panels. The site will display only static content.

  • Realization of some elementary functions will require the connection of third-party widgets and plug-ins. 


Choosing the best software to create your website, be guided by the features of your project and your technical skills. If you have not technical knowledge, do not make your life even more difficult and choose the solution the functionality of which is as intuitive as possible. But if your website is complex, do not spare your time and efforts to deal with the technical side and realize your best ideas on your own. From our perspective, Wix combines all the opportunities for almost all business projects best of the listed solutions.