Drag And Drop Website Builders

Drag and drop website builders: the best solutions for site creation

The site constructing software is one of the real breakthroughs in web development. A few decades ago, common website creation enthusiasts were could not craft web pages by themselves since the process of web building was tough, complicated, and contained lots of hidden obstacles. Creating sites was a job of professional programmers only because it required advanced knowledge in coding. The pioneers of the web were forced to order sites for incredibly high costs. 


However, times have drastically changed. Nowadays, any professional builder enables its user to craft a perfectly looking and neat website from scratch. You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a website and become popular online - some platforms have free plans for crafting sites for 0 cents. The majority of systems use the drag-and-drop method for their visual editors. But how does this feature work? Let’s discover more about this fact. 

Drag and drop: the basic concepts

Drag and drop technology is not only about using at website creators. The technology has been widely used in lots of other services. Being one of the easiest ways to manage various kinds of elements, it revolutionized the IT market. Currently, the following solution remains to be the best visual way of editing worldwide. The technology was developed for complete beginners and was focused on significantly simplifying the process of crafting websites of any level of difficulty. 


Generally, there are no specific concepts or terms for describing the technology. It is amazingly user-friendly and is as easy as a piece of cake. Even in case you are a beginner PC user, you will still like using the modern solution. 

Drag and drop: the operating principles

The main principle of the technology is what you do is what you get. In other words, you just need to take an element using your mouse or stylus and place it wherever you would like to. How does it look like in website builders? There is a convenient menu with all the elements (for example, buttons, lists, images, etc.) situated from one of the sides of your screen. Your screen is a clean web page, where you can place any element from your menu. All you need is to take the desirable element from the panel and place it on your blank page. 


In case you use the builder’s theme templates the technology merely the same. This way, your screen will not be a blank page but will contain a colorful theme. You are free to manage or delete options from your template, as well as add new items to the draft of your website. 

The importance of drag and drop websites

The website builders with innovative solutions make your journey in the area of web development really easy. Without any coding skills, you get a unique chance to create something special exactly for your needs. If you choose this type of web constructor, you will be able to choose a good looking pre-designed template and edit it by adding, changing, and replacing the items according to your desires.


The constructors of this kind are always ready to assist you in constructing a site of any difficulty, either you want to come up with a simple site, a blog, or a powerful e-commerce solution. Furthermore, there are some constructors that specialize in different types of websites and contain an exceptional number of utilities for a certain category of the website.


All in all, choosing a good constructor is a long way road for a beginner. However, we’ve done a great job and chose top constructors for newbie developers. So, sit back and ease off to learn more about the greatest builders you can find online. 


1&1 IONOS is one of the newest, but extremely effective website creating solutions. It is designed for those, who would like to push their businesses online, gain a good reputation, and become an influencer in a certain area. Although the program is cannot help you with crafting the most unforgettable website on the web, your own solution will be clean, good-looking, and completely unique. 


The constructor is great for small businesses and can help them to grow big. If you feel you get lost in various builders with tons of professional tools, 1&1 IONOS will be the top choice for you. The truth is that the creator is not focused on outstanding templates or deep customization but it will provide you with all the required tools for SEO and quick promotion. 


What makes the application special is that unlike its competitors, it supports multi-language features. If you would like your business to go to an international scale, a site that is available in several different languages will surely bring you more visitors and customers from all over the world. 


Still, the constructor is good enough for small projects, like a portfolio or blogs. No matter, which field you are going to choose, the constructor has lots of templates for any. That is why, choosing the most precise theme that perfectly suits your industry is very easy. 


The drag-and-drop software is also a fitting solution for e-commerce projects. The program allows connecting with social media and some world-known selling platforms. And here is a fact that will make you take off your feet - you can sell up to one million items on your website!



  • A good number of various themes

  • An opportunity to create a project in several languages 

  • Tons of utilities for quick promotion

  • Ability to sell over 1 million of goods or services



  • Might be complicated for beginners

  • Has no chargeless subscriptions



The creator appears to be one of the cheapest programs. The plans vary from $1 to $10 a month. It is a reasonable price for beginner developers. 


Jimdo Creator

Jimdo Creator is a simple but very productive site builder. While some platforms are focused on crafting sites with beautiful and sometimes overloaded designs, Jimdo is ready to help you with building a brilliant, fresh, and pure website.


The program allows creating an individual web project within the shortest terms. You can start building any type of website you need - the platform supports all modern types of websites. By the way, each project might be enriched with area-specific tools and utilities. For example, according to customers’ feedback, Jimdo is the best drag and drop website builder for small portfolio sites. 


The constructor also has professional options for advertising and promoting your site. To keep up with stats, you can also visit the Statistics section and discover lots of interesting data about your website performance. 


In case you have a limited budget for your projects, this solution might also appear to be useful. The truth is that as the majority of builders, Jimdo places ads on the websites created under a free plan. The good news is that it has the lowest price on the market that allows removing it from your project. You will need to purchase at least a $7 per month plan to come up with a completely clean and ads-free website. 


By the way, the program’s premium plans offer unlimited storage volumes for your project. Therefore, you are not forced to stick to certain boundaries in your creative website building process. Your solution might be as big as you need, which is often vital for big online stores. 


However, the constructor is a little bit too restrictive. If you have no certain website design in your mind, Jimdo will help you to sort out everything and create a simple and bugs-free website. But if you are full of creative ideas and would like to bring to life all of them, it is recommended to choose a platform with more flexible and editable templates. 



  • Simple and precise 

  • No limitations on storage space at premium plans

  • Has a plan that doesn’t require any payments

  • Good for all types of websites



  • Customization might appear to be not enough for creative spirits

  • Plain and often poor design of themes



Jimdo has different packages, starting from a free one to a $40 per month subscription. 



Everyone has probably heard about Wix. The truth is that the constructor was one of the first constructors that hit the web. With dozens of years of positive experience, the program is attracting crowds of users from different countries globally.


The service is famous for its reliability and excellent service. Moreover, with the servers located all over the world, the platform continues to be one of the most stable on the web. You will not face any errors or freezing when using it - the developers took care of a top-notch and solid digital product. 


What else makes this free drag and drop website builder so popular? It is its functionality. You can hardly find an app that has a larger number of features than Wix. Being a universal software, it enables all the customers to create any website they can imagine. By the way, the builder is a permanent leader in advanced customization. Unlike its competitors, the constructor can build a design of any structure and the amount of items. To put it short, the program is great for people, who think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas for web development.


In case the number of tools offered by the application is still not enough for you, you can go to the app market and pick up any of thousands of extra widgets and plugins, made by third-party programmers right for Wix users. All the tools are sold out for little money so you can get your site even more unique by spending just a couple of dollars. 


It is also worth pointing out that the program has an outstandingly easy editor that enables customers to construct the draft on any project in a matter of minutes. As an additional benefit, you can choose a template from the database with hundreds of themes and get a personal site in less than one hour! 


Just take a look at the incredible number of options embedded into the system! You can use the unlimited number of fonts and colors, animation and advanced scrolling, add various kinds of media, maps, buttons, bulleted lists, dropboxes, and other types of elements and files you might find useful. 


The drag and drop builder will also do complete search engine optimization for you. You will need to add just a few parameters, offered by the constructor. After that, the website builder will do the entire coding job for you automatically. 


With Wix, you can forget about the backend and adjusting it to your specific needs. Furthermore, the platform will help you to connect a chosen domain and hosting to your unique site with no need to do the programming. 



  • The most convenient builder to both experts and common users

  • A wide range of functions for any taste

  • Automatic SEO settings

  • Rich in innovations and new features



  • A number of functions might seem too huge from the first glance

  • Unable to change themes after the project goes live


Cost: The costs for the drag and drop builder’s plans differ. There are chargeless subscriptions and various packages with the highest price for $35 per month. 


Strikingly is one of the influential and the most innovative players on the market of great builders. TWhen you first sign up, the system looks pretty welcoming and easy. After you start using the platform, you are not likely to change your mind. The secret truth is that Strikingly was created as a software for newbie users with a strong focus on a simple interface and quality features.


The website builder tries to provide the best user experience to all its customers. Not only you will get an opportunity to craft a perfect site, but you will also get a special SSL certificate that proves that your site is secure, automatically improving your SEO rankings on search engines. This simple solution will also make your potential customers or readers think they are visiting a 100% safe website. 


As for the site backups most people usually do just in case something goes wrong, Strikingly has automated this function. You shouldn’t worry about any issues - the builder always takes care of your safety. The changes you’ve made will not disappear as well as you always can restore the site version from the previous session. 


The analytical tools are also remarkable at Wix. Using this functionality you can know how many visitors your website has in a certain period of time, learn more about their behavior on your site, as well as the most popular types of content available at your project. The tool is accessible not only for e-commerce stores but also for blogs, portfolios, and other websites. 


There are still a few drawbacks of the drag and drop Strikingly builder. One of the most serious cons is that the customization of most templates has lots of restrictions. In other words, some page elements cannot be changed or lack editing options. This makes the system less flexible than the majority of similar solutions. 


Strikingly can boast of having a free subscription, where you can craft a website with no need to pay. However, in this case, you are allowed to build only a one-page site. For better functionality, get ready to upgrade. 



  • Perfect software for beginners

  • Nice blogging utilities

  • Allows creating a site for 0 cents 



  • Simple customization

  • Free subscription enables constructing only single page sites



Strikingly packages start from 0$ to $49 per month. 




Weebly is a superior constructor with a convenient drag and drop editor. The platform will make your development process incredibly comfortable and entertaining. Even in case you are not very creative, it will still make the process of crafting your website really interesting and enjoyable. The truth is that the platform is totally customer-oriented and is designed for quick and pleasant website building. 


The system is a favorite web developing solution for millions of customers worldwide. Furthermore, most of its users will recommend using the builder to their friends. It is surely a bright indicator that the platform is really worth its money. 


When choosing a constructor for arranging any kind of website, most people are searching for a comprehensive and up-to-date system to build a site as soon as possible. If you lack the free time or just want to start making money the sooner the better, Weebly is going to assist you in building a superb site within the shortest terms. 


All themes that can be found in the system are customizable and can be adjusted to your needs individually. Constructing a unique site is miraculously easy - you first pick up the template you like and then update it according to your goals. Among the editable elements, there are pictures, videos, text, buttons, location of the items, the number of pages, the menu design, and lots of others. You are able to create a unique project that will not look like your primary theme at all. By the way, coding or programming is not needed - the functionality of the system is rich enough for making your project unforgettable.


The number of options you have an access to is really versatile. However, the cheaper subscriptions might disappoint you with a too limited editor. For maximum effect, it is recommended to purchase at least middle-priced subscriptions. 


If you face any difficulties when constructing your website, there are lots of comprehensive guides and FAQs offered by the system. Here you will find the answers to the most difficult questions so that you will be able to clarify all the issues occurred when using the builder. 



  • Allows constructing a site painlessly

  • Is better for simple websites

  • Top-notch search engine optimization functions



  • Has some restrictions and boundaries when customizing your project

  • The restore option upon request is not available


Cost: You can either choose a free plan or pick up any paid package. The most expensive plan will cost you $38 per month.



In case you tired from messy drag and drop systems with the dizzying number of features, Site123 is here to assist you with constructing a project ASAP and with no mess. The platform is not overloaded with tons of building options but still has everything for website making. Why do users choose this system? First, it has a magnificent free plan that attracts crowds with its chargeless options. Second, it is fresh and simple with no chaos in its functionality. Every element is located right in its best place and can be picked up anytime you need it. 


Furthermore, the website builder is the most customer-friendly system from our list of the hottest systems. The key to its amazing success is an advanced support system. The majority of online programs offer email and phone support that usually make the users wait for hours or days for getting the answer to their questions. 


But this rule is not working for Site123. The application has an incredibly convenient 24/7 live chat, where dedicated managers will answer all your questions no longer than in a few moments. That is why you are not likely to stick with one function or try to fix something for hours - just describe the issue in the chat and get professional help at railway speed. 


Please note that all the themes offered by the website builder are flexible and smartphone responsive. Your website will have a great look regardless of the device where it is displayed.


The system has a common problem of most builders designed for newbies. Its customization has too many limitations. To put it short, the software lacks tools for creative management. However, this feature might appear to be beneficial for many beginners who are not ready to spend lots of time editing their sites with tons of functions. 



  • Secure and simple platform

  • The most professional customer support

  • Free plan



  • Some features have low quality

  • Lacks expert editing tools


Cost: The plans will make you surprise with their low pricing. The most expensive subscription will cost you less than a dozen dollars, while a free plan is also offered. 




Squarespace is glorious for its lovely and highest quality themes for a wide range of purposes. The system is a dream solution for those, who would like to bring innovative ideas to life, creative professionals, artists, and simple perfectionists who value beautiful designs the most.


Unlike its competitors, the website constructor has error and bug-free templates and functions. It is professional software with pure and miraculously stunning designs. Want to make your visitor feel special from the first glance on your website? Keen on fresh and modern sites with cute scrolling effects and 3d animations? Or would you like to be the pioneer site with the newest visuals features available? Then you’ve made the right choice. 


Squarespace is considered to be the most impressive drag and drop builder you can find online. As a rule, the sites created with the help of the software, drastically differ from the other projects with their smart and convenient design. 


Although the number of themes offered by the software is not as overwhelming as in its analogs, it is surely enough for meeting the requirements of any industry. Moreover, the program is ready to deal with creating all types of websites regardless of their level of difficulty and the number of pages. 


If you are planning to sell online by the means of any e-commerce solution, Squarespace has lots of cool features for these purposes. For example, you can freely sell an unlimited number of products or services, use coupons and offer promotions, calculate sales taxes, and manage your store effortlessly. The program has various shipping options, such as weight-based, flat, or carrier-calculated. The payment options also vary and will be convenient for any customer. 



  • Picturesque designs and eye-catching templates

  • Quality editing tools

  • Perfect for online stores



  • High prices

  • Not as fast as its analogs



The prices for the system’s packages vary from $12 to $40 paid on a monthly basis. 


Final thoughts

Still hesitate, which of the drag and drop website builder will meet all your requirements? This problem is incredibly easy to solve. 


As far as you’ve noticed, most platforms from our list offer free plans of the chargeless trial period. If you can’t choose the best software between a few systems, just try all of them. Without spending a cent, you will be able to take a look around, try various functions, play with options, and have a clear vision of the pros and cons of every system. This will help you to make the final choice more wisely and pick up a perfect builder for constructing a website of your dream.