Best Website Builders For Blogs

The best blog website builders: How to launch your blog?


People start a blog for dozens of reasons. Someone prefers to share the creative ideas, receipts or news, while others might need a blog for business needs. Anyway, you will need to look for specially developed blogging platforms that allow making a special web resource that will meet your requirements. 


There are plenty of various website builders for blogs. For example, you can choose a special platform for crafting a portfolio site with a blogging menu or a separate blog with advanced features for communicating with your readers. By the way, there are lots of platforms that are disappointing and even annoying. To help you avoid any negative experience, our web experts tested the most sought-after blogging platforms and wrote a precise and fair verdict for using each software. In this post, you will be able to discover tons of descriptions, reviews, and tips for choosing a perfect program for your needs. 


There is nothing to worry about if you’ve never jumped into blogging before. Some solutions from our list are crafted exactly for newbies and are as easy as a piece of cake. Stop dreaming about your site - take a look at the most effective programs in this field and start making your web pages in a few clicks.

Choosing the best blogging platform: What should you look for?

There are tons of important factors you should pay attention to when picking up an application for building your blog. But which ones are the most important? What special options should you know about to succeed in creating/managing your blog? Below is the list of the most necessary concerns you should consider when hunting after the blog website builder


Prices. When digging for a blogging platform, it is obvious to take a look at the average costs first. This way, you will be able to create a business plan and make sure that crafting a blog is affordable for your budget. By the way, the prices for the blogging software, described in this post, are affordable for most users with even the most modest budgets. It is better to pay attention to the costs for extra functions you might need for creating a blog to make a more precise calculation. Otherwise, you might stick to little functionality of the chosen app. 


Functions. The greatest idea to pick up the right program is to analyze and compare all the functions available on different platforms. You can also create a special list, where you will tick the required options and check whether they are accessible on various software. This is really important if you are searching for blog builders with exceptional graphics-related options. Some users might also need additional special tools that might appear missing in some programs. 


Easiness. If you are working on a site for the first time, you will surely need to come up with an understandable and newbie-friendly program. Therefore, it is better to try to find the real customers’ reviews and trustworthy feedbacks about using all the software from your list of blog sites. You will know what issues and problems you might face during the website creation process. If the number of negative feedback is higher than a positive one, it is better to switch to another blog development system. However, there is no program that has only positive reviews - avoid being a perfectionist when picking up your platform.


Automation. Automated functions are incredibly important for beginners. This way, the more automated options you have, the fewer manual work you will need to do. However, automation means you have fewer options for customization. That is why in case you would like to craft an absolutely unique and breathtaking blog, it is recommended to avoid systems that have plenty of automated features. By the way, if you have some basic knowledge in blog development, you might decide to start dealing with a platform that offers adding HTML or CSS codes to your blog. With a personalized code, you will surely enrich your site with cool utilities, filters, and effects. 


Mobile app. Most bloggers prefer sharing important information and photos on the fly. As a result, most of them are keen on systems that have mobile applications for updating the blog. If you are one of the energetic and creative blogging enthusiasts, you might also need to use portable devices for changing your blog. However, if you are using only a PC or laptop to come up with the changes to your site, you can skip this option. 


Support. Accessible and professional support team is a great but uncommon benefit of popular blog sites. The truth is that most newbies often stick to some issues and require various problem-solving solutions. The support team is working exactly for these purposes. In case you will need to wait for a few business days to get any advice from the platforms’ experts, it might be really disappointing. It is recommended to choose either the easiest blog platform or software with a quick response from the support manager. 


Monetization. There is nothing new that most users are making a blog to start earning from it. If you are one of them, it is vital to check, whether the chosen blogging system supports monetization. Otherwise, you might face serious difficulties when it comes to earning money or using payment systems. 


SEO. Optimization is another common headache of thousands of beginner website creators. However, we have good news for all the newbies. Some of the best personal blog systems have already implemented this vital feature in their functionality. And that is really awesome since you are no longer needed to think about optimization or promotion - the system will do almost the entire job for you automatically. 


Social media. Although you might not be a social media addict, you might still need to provide a web presence to your blog on social media. In case you do, consider choosing the application that supports integration with various social media platforms. Remember, SMM often becomes a significant source of new visitors, readers, and customers. 


Domain and hosting. Each website should have both of them. Although you might purchase these solutions from third-party providers, it is recommended to start creating a blog with the help of the all-in-one solution. It is really simpler and will require less time. By the way, some services welcome their customers with free hosting and domain. 

Choosing the best site to start a blog: tips from experts 


Blogger is a unique platform that will give you a helping hand in crafting the best blog sites. The program is one of the pioneers on the market and is one of the most reliable services for site development. Why has it become more popular during recent years? The matter is that the program was bought by Google that made it more flexible and customer-oriented.


Another thing that brings crowds to the blogging service is that the signup process is significantly simplified. You can log in using your Google account and start crafting your own web resources in a couple of moments. Learning statistics and managing your blog is also straightforward - analytics is also provided by the world-renowned search engine. 


You can also advertise with Google Adwords and move your website to the top blog sites. The promotion process is usually coming smooth. If you want to start earning money right from the start, it is also possible. You can set up your blog so that it will display relevant advertisements and bring you good money hands-down. 


However, Blogger is not the most powerful tool from our list. It has basic functionality and might lack some modern and innovative options that can be found at its competitors. For example, the redirects might start working odd with this platform and require making changes manually. Nevertheless, this blogging system is an awesome utility for newbies with no technical background. Even if you’ve never dealt with web constructors, you will be able to have a quick and productive start with using the software for your blog. 


Among the most outstanding functions of Blogger is that unlike other systems, it is still completely free. You won’t need to spend cash on buying domain - it is already included in the app’s functionality. Among the few extra paid options there are purchasing a fully customized domain. 


The program is always ready to help its customers. You can watch video tutorials, ask questions on a special forum, or use a knowledge database. 



  • Surprisingly easy blogging platform

  • Allows sharing texts, images, and video on the fly

  • Good for users, who need a simple and plain solution

  • Allows placing ads on your blog



  • Lacks unique and advanced functions

  • Lacks of growth and regular updates


Costs: Free. 


Site123 is an all wool and a yard wide blogging platform that has lots of useful utilities for successful blogging. It is a simple system that is good for creating classical blogs with no innovative design or extended functionality. It is a popular app for beginners since Site123 can be proud of its clean interface and the ability to create a blog from scratch.


The platform is a smart system that is trying to assist you in making a blog. For example, it welcomes users with a short questionnaire about the topic of your blog, its special features, and your goals of creating a website. After that, the program will choose certain settings for you automatically to make sure you like the first draft of your blog. Feel free to change it any way you need - Site123 has enough colorful and good-looking themes for different purposes. 


What makes this blogging system special? It is its classy support. Compared to other platforms, where you might need to wait for hours or even days to get a response to your questions, Site123 support team usually answers almost immediately. Furthermore, there is no need to check your email or program’s notifications in your account - you can ask anything about using the platform in a handy live chat. To put it short, the support system of Site123 is leaving far away all its competitors, being one of the best services on the market. 


Among the other system’s strengths is that it automatically creates a flexible blog’s design. To put it simpler, you will not need to worry about how your blog will be displayed on portable devices. Your blog will perfectly suit any screen from the classical PC desktop to the newest smartphone. The option is built-in and doesn’t expect any extra costs. 


If you need some tools or plugins that are missing in the blogging program, you can always visit Site123 application market and get the tools you were looking for. 



  • Best support system available to all users regardless of the package they have bought 

  • Good mobile-friendly blog designs

  • Convenient application market



  • Some important functions are missing

  • Some templates lack the flexibility of customization


Costs: The blogging platform has two different plans. The first one is free, while a premium plan will cost you only $7.80 per month. 


Weebly is a top-notch blogging platform that will suit both the beginner and experienced bloggers. The program has tons of unique offers to all its users. First, it has a wide range of utilities and services for any taste. Second, it will make your heart melt with a handy interface, where everything is placed right where it should be. Third, Weebly has a fair pricing system and will not disappoint you by any hidden payments or extra charges that are not described in the pricing. 


The blog, created by the popular service, is usually easy to operate and can be changed/updated in a few clicks. The process of building a blog and enriching it with elements and features is also nothing in it. 


Weebly has a balanced number of templates - it is not overwhelming but still enough for crafting any type of blog. The themes are surely all responsive - Weebly takes care of its reputation and always provides its users with a flexible design interface. With the help of the application, you can add comments sections, social bookmarking, and other important features anytime. 


If you are keen on data and analytics, Weebly has everything to make you feel satisfied. The program has perfect statistics tools that will show off all the necessary parameters of your blog’s online performance. By the way, SEO tools are also embedded in the system. Although they might appear not so powerful but actually enough to get good blog rankings. 


However, Weebly is not the blogging-focused platform. That is why some necessary options might be missing there. If you are looking for a blog-specific builder, you might consider choosing another service. 



  • Great for newbie users

  • Flexible designs

  • Professional themes

  • Stats and SEO tools



  • Fewer customization that among its competitors

  • Not blog-focuses system



The blogging platform allows crafting blog websites for little money. To launch your blog, you can either choose a free plan or an $8 per month subscription. continues to bit almost all its competitors. The system was created exactly for crafting unique blogs and has the largest number of cool functions to make your website grow. If you are searching for an all-in-one solution that is able to bring all your breakthrough ideas to live, that’s it. is a giant platform that is currently having the most advanced monetization services. With a whopping number of themes, fonts, elements, and plugins, the platform amazes with its high-grade functionality. Here you will also find everything to make your blog go live, from setting up your SEO to automated publishing online.


The only serious drawback of this service is that it might be difficult for beginners. The system has no special tips or prompts to make the process easier - you will need to take care of yourself. The system is constantly updating, therefore many tutorials about using the platform you can find on the web might appear outdated. 


As for the hosting and domain, you are expected to set up these obligatory features by yourself. Wordpress doesn’t provide any free plans with the domain and hosting available for free. To put it short, you can use the entire program’s functionality with no payments but will need to purchase a domain and hosting. 


Generally, this blogging service is great for users with some technical experience, who have at least a minimum coding knowledge. This way, you can create an unforgettable 100% customized blog with all the features you need. 



  • 100% customizable website creating the process

  • The platform itself is free to use

  • Blogging-focused system

  • An enormous number of plugins, themes, and other functions

  • Perfect for quick and easy monetization

  • Great for experienced coders



  • Difficult for beginners

  • Has no support 


Costs: Using the service is free but requires purchasing domain and hosting (the prices vary depending on the name of your site and type of hosting)


Wix is one of the most competitive platforms that are present on the market of website constructors for dozens of years. The system is excellent for newbies with basic knowledge in web design and development. The truth is that using the program is intuitively understandable - you just need to place the elements on the page where you would like them to be. 


Although Wix is a non-blogging focused platform, it still has lots of cool things to offer beginner bloggers. For example, with the help of an amazing themes database, you can craft a blog of any topic in just a couple of minutes. The process of connecting with hosting and domain is fully automated - the users can just forget about performing anything at the back-end side of creating their websites. 


If you are planning to become a video blogger, the platform might appear to be an excellent choice. It supports adding video files with different extensions, integrates with Vimeo and Youtube, and can be helpful with tons of other related services. 


If you suddenly face any issues or don’t understand how to use this or that function, you can easily contact the program’s customer support representatives that are available via email. Unlike, Wix is always ready to assist its users in case something goes wrong. 


As a rule, blogs, crafted by Wix users, look fresh, modern, and professional. Furthermore, the service can handle sites with hundreds of pages, so you can add as many posts as you need. 



  • Classy templates

  • Great for beginners

  • Has SEO utilities

  • Easy to use

  • Great for growing blogs



  • Lacks some features that are present in blogging platforms

  • Not enough space at the cheap plans



Wix has a range of various plans. Generally, you will need to spend about $10-$15 dollars per month to get all the blogging tools covered. 


Tumblr is a growing web building platform that is crafted exactly for bloggers. The software has a really pleasant interface, where even complete newbies will easily find out what they need. Tumblr is known for its great option of making posts and sharing posts in a blink of an eye. If you are searching for a simple solution that allows creating a basic blog for any purpose, you’ve found the needed solution.


Although the program is a blogging platform, it has not so many tools as its analogs. Fair enough, Tumblr is great for posting and sharing viral content, such as images, GIFs, pictures, and other types of visuals. It might be used for text blogging, too, but has various limitations on posting long and complicated types of content. If you are planning to share files with uncommon extension, it is also necessary to make sure the service supports it. 


If you would like to use SEO tools, offered by the program, you should also know that this feature is more complicated to set up than in similar blog services. If you are not afraid of tricky tools, you can still benefit from this option. 


What is great about the blogging platform is that is available for free. You don’t need to spend any cent to start blogging. 



  • Top choice for beginners

  • Will cost you nothing

  • Easy as a piece of cake



  • Not good for professional blogs

  • Complicated SEO

  • Lacks opportunities for growth


Costs: Free is a unique platform that has collected all the benefits of a fully-featured and standard drag-and-drop constructors, like Squarespace or Wix. It has a miraculously powerful functionality combined with ease of use. 


The software has gained its exceptional popularity because of the accessibility to all popular features, including up-to-date design of themes, security backups, top-notch and precise analytics, and splendid SEO utilities. 


It is worth mentioning that is much easier than its .org counterpart. The platform is not focused on giving access to the code and is created in a form of the classical drag-and-drop builder. That is why most users will find it completely habitual for creating a blog site. 



  • Cool blogging functions for any taste

  • Beautiful and smart designs

  • Precise analytics

  • More advanced than its competitors

  • Simpler than

  • Doesn’t require any coding or programming



  • Still not as beginner-friendly as its analogs

  • Fewer utilities than at


Costs: The packages start from $4 per month billed on an annual basis and reach up to $45. 


Squarespace is a practical blog builder with a cute and favorable design. In case you stick to the platform, you will get the most brilliant, clean, bug-free, and top-notch templates on the whole web. The system is known to be good at crafting blogs with whopping designs. If you would like to marvel your visitors with fantastic themes and magnificent website features, choosing Squarespace is surely right. 


Along with crafting a miraculous blog, you can also enjoy using some extra functions offered by the system. This includes adding RSS feed, showing blogging categories, 3d scrolling, and display comments of the blog readers. 


However, the platform continues being more expensive than its analogs. In case you are limited to cash, it is better to move to another more affordable builder. 



  • The most awesome templates on the web

  • Good for blogging

  • Fast and easy



  • Prices are higher than among its analogs

  • Doesn’t offer a free plan 



The plans for bloggers are available for $12-$18 per month. 


Although Strikingly is less popular than most of its analogs, it is currently getting ahead of lots of its competitors. What is a secret key to its success? The truth is that the system is just a dream blogging system for any beginner. Being one of the most comprehensive solutions online Strikingly can boast to contain all the functions for successful blogging. 


The most necessary thing any Strikingly user should know is that the platforms allow crafting only one-page sites. That is why if you are planning a big website with a blog as an additional option, it is not for you. However, the platform will perfectly meet all the requirements of bloggers that want to build a simple, good-looking, and fresh blog with no special features.


The only serious drawback of the system is that had too limited functions for customization. In case you hardly know, how your blog is going to look like, that’s okay. But if you want to implement a certain idea and have a certain design in your mind, it is better to choose a more flexible platform. 


By the way, the app is free to use. There are some paid subscriptions but using a free plan is still enough for creating a simple blog. 



  • The most friendly design

  • Simple management

  • A large number of blogging utilities



  • Allows building a site with a single page

  • Lacks flexibility


Costs: Aside from a free plan, there are also subscriptions that will cost you form $8 to $50 per month. 

Top Tips for Choosing a Blogging Platform 


What are the most effective ways to monetize a blog?


Placing various kinds of relevant advertisements is one of the most common ways to start earning with your blog. Among the other great solutions for earning cash, there are email and affiliate marketing, selling digital products, and managing a membership website. 


What are the best methods for promoting my blog?

There are dozens of various ways to promote your blog. To begin with, it is important to create useful content that will be interesting to your audience. After you’ve created a reliable resource, you can begin promoting it. The easiest way is to share your blog posts on different social media and ask your readers to do the same. This trick increases the chances of getting more popular. You can also promote your site via email or write guest posts for another website to grab the attention of the new readers. 


How can I set up a blog?

Setting up with one of the blogging platforms is really easy. You can learn more about the issue at the special forum or database of the chosen system. 


What blogging topic should I choose? 

The best advice here is to write about anything that you are interested in. Avoid choosing popular topics you have no idea about. Otherwise, your blog will look unprofessional and boring. 


How can I create a successful blog?

To create a successful blog, you need to be inspired by the chosen topic. It is also better to become a true expert in any field you like. In case you have something special or unique to tell your readers, your blog is doomed to success. Write about what you really like, for example, share your hobbies or special interests. Even in case you might think your hobby is boring, there are still thousands of people who might find it really exciting and who are ready to share their views and experience on your site.