Best Website Builders For SEO

Picking out the Greatest Website Builder for SEO


The customers are getting enough meticulous when it comes to searching for a propitious company. SEO has great importance for any kind of Internet business. However, sometimes people do not think that this mechanism is an integral part of modern website design.

Every online portal is the center of the business owner’s marketing campaign. The regular organic search is the biggest source of traffic. However, too often, companies do not use the SEO approach until the website is ready. Therefore, the lack of SEO puts the website down at once. It may look great, but if SEO -marketing efforts were not used at the stage of development, it will be almost impossible to reach success. The best decision in those cases is to start it again and develop it correctly.

Let’s consider SEO as a crucial component of the virtual page design creation. Consider the tips you should bear in mind trying to develop an appropriate website according to SEO demands that can attract potential visitors, and find the idea how the loyal customers’ support could help to reach the upper Google positions. Statistics indicate that the overwhelming majority of users have never entered the websites from the second page of Google search.

Why Is SEO so important in website development?

Standard libraries have their archives, where the books’ order is systematized by authors or themes. Internet articles follow similar principles. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to the huge Google system of searching for the necessary information. It consists of the quantity and quality of organic and traffic results. Quality means that website’ visitors search for definite services and goods instead of clicking on the page by accident. The quantity of traffic means the number of people visited the definite website. Organic outcome indicates the number of visitors that got the page without ads, searching manually for desired products. Usually, users write a simple sentence consisting of three-five words about the topic they want to figure out. Technical writers often use such SEO keywords in their work to get more attention from the targeted audience. The more SEO keywords you put into the texts due to the search requests, the better. The website will be on the top if Google considers it as the most meaningful one.

The key to the main page of the search system is finding a perfect way to be the most suitable website according to the algorithm. SEO considers the basic requirements of this algorithm and corrects the page’s aspects for making a more convenient website. The title is the most significant thing after SEO keywords. This thesis is vital when it comes to search algorithms. Each website has its name, hidden in the code. Programmers are very thoughtful about making the proper title.

Put the targeted references. If many websites refer to a definite portal, the search engine considers it as a noteworthy source of data. It relies on others’ recommendations and put the website at the main place on the list, where most of the users click to read more. Also, remember, the website reputation should be clean. The more reliable SEO content you put the more chances for the appearance at the top of the Google list your website would get. The regular posting of new catchy articles is the best way for the website to get high priority.

The traffic mostly depends exactly on search results. Many potential customers search for products via Google, though recently social media have learned how to attract people to online stores. Still, an online profile can’t compete with a professional website that consists of the necessary information about pricing, products, etc.

SEO requires a lot of work, starting from picking the proper domain name to hidden links and necessary keywords. That is why it is so vital and complicated. Fortunately, there are a lot of platforms that offer the necessary features for making the development easy. There are many free guides online about SEO, but we offer to opt a simple way – trust the automatic options offered by different platforms.

Top-rated software for SEO requirements

Usually, an SEO -friendly platform is a resource that ensures custom search engines with free access to its pages. Provide the convenience of entering the website; fill it with the catchy, valuable and understandable materials. Such initial steps on the long path of each website development will certainly lead you to the excellent results.

The search system uses special robots, and your main task is to operate in conformity with their rules. However, not all site builders were developed to consider search optimization.

Creating an SEO -oriented website requires strict planning and a well-organized approach. Standard sites, as a tool of SEO -marketing, should have an exact and definite business model and formed values.

Many platforms can provide you with proper tools, but we decided to describe the most interesting ones. Find out the information about software popular among programmers:

  • Wix. This resource is in-demand among developers and average users. It has an ideal reputation in SEO factors. Use this builder for different website types – from basic portfolio to a corporative webpage for serious enterprises. Its easy drag-and-drop editing tools are enough convenient. They allow you to remove or correct the interface’s design on any stage just in two clicks. If you have no time for managing the own website manually, just move to ADI mode. Artificial Design Intelligence creates a personalized unique SEO template after a short quiz about preferences. The result can be corrected too, but only after it has been completed – you cannot modify the template during the process. Moreover, this builder has a nice option for mobile devices streamlining. While selecting the basic SEO template, you can see how it performs on gadgets. The pricing policy is specific – Wix builder can offer free conditions, but due to your website requirements it may cost from 48$ per month up to 200$ a year, according to one of the premium packages. Because of this investment, you will get a fully-equipped professional portal according to SEO demands;
  • Weebly. Use a wide range of settings without actually being an experienced specialist with this convenient builder. The system will let you a large number of useful functions connected with editing, and forget about coding. To create an attractive website, you will work with useful tools of the page – add widgets, text, multimedia, implemented banners, etc. The mechanisms are standard – the built-in library of online widgets for better functionality, fully customizable templates, name and address settings, blog parameters, SEO optimization, and application center. There are all necessary functions to build an online store. If something is going wrong, connect with the specialists of technical support, and ask for help. Weebly builder is mostly concentrated on functionality, which made an impact on design aspects – there are a few accessible SEO templates, but overall the look is laconic. In 2018 due to some events, they decided to block traffic for several countries, which cut off a certain amount of users. The builder’ plans start from 12$ to 48$ per month with a free-days-trial;
  • Squarespace. Originally made for blogs, this functional builder was created with many SEO development tools. The functionality itself is appropriate for various kinds of the website: from a thematic blog to a virtual store of a big corporation. Correct source code with personal scripts and different styles if necessary. However, you can create a website without special technical knowledge. It supports several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (the list keeps upgrading). The visual editor permits to drag and drop media files to your webpage and make it unique by using various settings, fonts, and colorful templates. This website builder with SEO characteristics costs from 16$ a month for a usual webpage and 30$ for an online store to 50$ a month depending on your needs. This is a non-free builder, but beginners get a 2-weeks-free trial to try out all the functions;
  • WordPress. This useful builder gives you free access to sufficient SEO tools – certainly, these words will attract your attention. The admin panel is intuitive, so it can be mastered quickly enough. You can install plugins from other sources and change the code in the SEO template files to improve whatever you want. The most significant benefit is the huge popularity of this system. The adherents of WP builder created the global tech support forum, where you can ask for advice and help, search for data and instructions, and share your own tips. Thanks to the thorough work of programmers, the platform is protected from hack attacks, viruses, and shutdowns. Your website data will be safe in your personal storage space. The disadvantages of WP builder are the low performance due to servers’ overload and a small set of basic drag-and-drop features. Overall, WordPress is as convenient as other platforms mentioned in this list, but it fits more for the professional developers;
  • Shopify. Do you wish to open an online store? Therefore, this comfortable SEO builder will be the perfect selection for your goals. Both experienced developers and newcomers can use it. Shopify is a powerful builder with tools and convenient interface design templates. It supports Google Pay, AR (Augmented Reality), provides customers with a built-in rich app store and offers powerful analytical and marketing statistics. There are three plans; each of them is paid once a year with a commission from transactions.

Therefore, these platforms were originally created for different websites, but SEO is what unites them. Google search is the best way to get the attention of potential customers. That is why SEO website builders are getting more and more relevant.

Helpful SEO Tips for Website Development

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you need to draw the interest of new customers to the new website. Indeed, if you reach the top positions in the search results for SEO -keywords, it will ensure a steady flow of visitors, and increase sales. Make sure to try out doing these customization actions:

  • Build and regularly optimize the semantic core of the existed website. Make it a strict rule to never forget about researching and searching for SEO keywords and phrases. Search engines respond to key queries. It’s worth starting any SEO website campaign by compiling a semantic core and selecting search phrases.
  • Search the keys that will fit your website. It will be better if they are generated in medium or high search frequency, but at the same time have low competition. Include your SEO keywords in permalinks, put them to the headers, leave tags;
  • Oversee your text materials. Put unique and useful articles only, add pictures, check your links, post regularly and use keywords. Creative headlines will provide more attention to the website;
  • Always remember about the SMO (optimization for social web portals). Social media platforms have become a part of everybody’s daily routine. Use these communities as a way to promote your online page.

These tips will be useful enough for you in website building. Starting any business is like an endless marathon in which you should constantly monitor the behavior of competitors and assure that you selected the correct direction to the triumph. Therefore, keep a list of SEO keywords and phrases regularly. Configure website blog and social networking references formed on your audience’s specific needs and queries.


The informative stylish website is a necessity for current enterprises, whether it is a restaurant or a huge international corporation. The best website builder for Google ranking will assist you in getting more attention. It is hard to choose a webpage builder, especially if you didn’t entrust to work on this project to a team of experienced SEO specialists. However, even beginners could use modern web builders due to their simplicity, because these systems don’t require special technical knowledge.

Applying the brute force strategy, it is simple to find the best website platform for SEO to create the selected type of site - a business card/portfolio, store, actual blog, thematic forum, trade portal or something else not listed. For non-standard development or lack of desire to do something yourself, contact the mentioned SEO friendly website builder. A separate rating has been prepared for landing designers - this is a different world with its requirements and features. After choosing a service, we recommend you look at its full review to know what to expect, and then test and make informed choices.

To determine the best SEO website builder, you should consider important personal criteria. The affordable budget is a meaningful factor and it can influence the choice of the appropriate system, but you should also think about the goals you want to achieve with your website. The understanding of intended goals will help to choose the best website builder for SEO 2019 and attract more clients.


Why do I should pay for an SEO website builder?

You should realize that more money will provide you with more opportunities. Resources mentioned above have a free plan for those customers who are yet unskilled and new to this. However, investments usually would be recouped. More advanced tools and additional resources will bring you more clients.

How could the best website builder SEO influence portal rates?

Your ranking on Google depends primarily on the content published on the website columns. Moreover, you have to monitor the advertising links that different companies may leave on your webpages. In reality, the website builder with the best SEO of your option can affect the SEO rating of your page heavily. The vast majority of virtual pages’ designers will ensure you with definite tools and useful features you need for the best SEO optimized website, including:

  • Better indexed URLs, which are easier to remember and write manually;
  • Meta-descriptions, alternative text to illustrations and editing title tags;
  • Site maps generated automatically (HTML and XML);
  • Tools for controlling keyword density;
  • Personalized domain name. Usually, free solutions don’t provide you with them, including their address in your URL. It looks a bit unprofessional and lowers the possibility of getting to the top of the Google search page.

How to select the best SEO -oriented builder for website development

Different platforms offer various tools. For instance, Squarespace builder is an ideal resource for thematic blogs and Shopify was created for virtual stores. If you haven’t decided yet, then try to concentrate on the core criteria:

  • The variety of customizable SEO templates;
  • Mobile devices performance optimization;
  • Convenient settings for professional programmers;
  • E-commerce tools (mobile payments, catalog, etc.);
  • SEO tools;
  • Technical service support.

We are sure that with the right usage of tools, any software will perfectly perform with the process of correct SEO -oriented site-building. Don’t lose your courage – once you’ve defined the right platform, everything is going to be plain and lucky!