Best Website Builders For Artists

The list of best website builders for artists – ten best

When it comes to building own online portfolio, a lot of artists and people of free professions ponder how to do it effectively. The days when one had to carry own portfolio in a big folder along are gone. Now, you don’t even have to carry a flash drive in your pocket – everything can be done online. And yes, you don’t have to be a specialist in anything concerning building sites – as nearly the entire job is done for you by site makers for artists.


What is a website builder for artists

A site maker is a software tool working online, which allows creating and running sites online. There are more than 3 dozen of directions of sites in general but some of them are not created using site makers. In today’s review, we are going to focus on site makers for artists – what they do, what are their advantages and disadvantages, price, and which of them are free of charge.

In order to make a site in the 21st century, one doesn’t need to have any knowledge about HTML/CSS/Java/PHP coding, hosting, running, and solving any technical task connected to any of questions of how to create an artist website. Two decades ago, such knowledge was a must and it was not possible to make a site without it but today, the entire job is handled by site makers for artists. Every single step is done through an interface filled with options that are operable with a mouse. You only need to work with a keyboard when it comes to entering of your variables – like contact data, description of pieces of your work, or where to find you to hire you or how to buy a piece of your work (if it isn’t sold online directly on the site).

What is good about site makers for artists is that they are specialized. Not every site maker is a tool dedicated specifically to artists – as such people need more creative space to use & much less rigidness of frameworks when constructing their online presence. So, when it comes to how to build an artist website in an online tool, it is nice to know that such a tool can allow you to showcase your works online in an attractive manner, to make your visitors informed about your skills so they can rate you through a connected social media profile, hire you to do the similar job, or to buy a piece of already existing work directly from the site. You also can indicate your location, primary skills, experience, where do you work, and how to reach you. Basically, you move your portfolio from offline to online, using every possibility, which online sites can offer today.

Below, we are considering the most important issues, on which one has to concentrate when it comes to choosing the right website builder for artists.


How to choose the builder of websites for artists

  1. Sticking to the list of best tools, which are created online by many reviewers – including sticking to the one in this review. We perfectly understand that this or that person desiring to start own site may not be a specialist in the market of site makers for artists. That is why tens of reviewers have already done this job for you by studying each existing site maker for artists on the market, evaluating them all, and submitting their conclusions. First and foremost, starting your journey to the land of artist website builders, take such lists as the good solid basis point.

  2. Convenience. A lot of people may tell you that some site maker for artists is the best in this or that and that you don’t have to evaluate any of them to build your own artist website. Don’t listen to them. Third-person experience is a good basis to start with but it is you who are going to work in every tool – so you have to know whether it is convenient for you. You don’t have to allow someone’s opinion to overcloud your feelings – in terms of work with a tool, its cost, templates, and other essentials.

  3. What templates it offers and how many. Not every site maker on the list is specialized for artists only – a fair share of them is general but offering many possibilities for creative people. So, the availability of templates that suit your vision and industry is one of the most important things to start with. If there are at least 10 templates for artists there and at least 2 suit your vision – then it is safe to choose this tool for future study.

  4. Cost. It is important to know the model of work of site makers for artists: they charge a monthly-based fee for running the site, which, starting from zero, ends with several hundred dollars a month. As a rule, there is no charge for the setup of the site and choosing a template. Unlike web building studios, which charge you for creating a site, running & hosting it, in the case of online tools, you only pay for running and hosting. Some tools offer one site for a price, while others offer several. Consider that 15-30 dollars a month should be a perfect market-fair monthly price for running the best websites for artists. Dropping below this point, you may not get the quality, while rising above it you can receive high-end advancements, which are not necessarily needed by you (like a professional online shop, which is tuned at high-amount sales, not at showcasing your works).

  5. Availability of own domain name. In most paid subscriptions of site makers for artists, the cool-looking domain names like ‘’ are available. Free running never gives a fancy-looking domain name but if you don’t care about your online image, then you may use a name given for free, which looks like ‘thisismysite-but-located-on-a-free-site-builder-for-artists/’. In this case, your site will have a lot of commercial banners of a site maker for artists all over the pages and visitors will unlikely to want to enter this fuzzy name into the address line, preferring finding you through Google. However, Google won’t index the most of free names – which is also a fair share of online realities for web builders.

  6. Uptime. If it is important for you to stay online all the time, then before making the final choice, read feedback of customers of this or that site maker for artists to find out what people say about uptime. A good tool should have over 99.9% of uptime. But as far as such statistic is usually hidden from online visitors, there is no other way to find it out than to read in feedbacks. 


Reviewing 10 best website builders for artists

  1. Wix

  2. Squarespace

  3. Weebly

  4. Shopify

  5. Duda

  6. Jimdo Creator

  7. SmugMug

  8. Wordpress

  9. Pixpa

  10. Gator


Reviewing Wix as one of the advanced tools for free websites for artists

Wix as a site maker is not specific for artists but it has a lot of things to offer to all types of users – regular, advances, creative, salespersons, and many others.


The advancements of site maker Wix:

  1. There are over 500 templates in general, while certainly more than 10 themes are designed for creative people.

  2. 7 subscription plans to choose the one suiting your needs.

  3. Many tools, widgets, apps, and possibilities to adjust the personal look of your site.


The shortcomings of site maker Wix:

  1. Overwhelming interface for novice users with too many available options at first glance.

  2. Not each plan is freed from limited bandwidth, while storage space is limited in all plans.

  3. There is no free run and you must pay for at least the cheapest running. 


The cost of website builder Wix:

Depending on what you’re expecting from Wix site maker for artists, you can choose among 7 subscription plans:

  • 3 plans for e-commerce ranging from 17 to 35 dollars a month. They offer from 20 to 50 Gb online storage, no limit in bandwidth, a possibility to accept online payments without a commission (which users of Shopify can’t have), own domain, some video hours to be uploaded on the site directly (if YouTube is not your choice for some reason), Google Analytics’ tools, 1-year domain name for no additional cost, online commercial vouchers, free money to advertise your site, and connection to social media. Choose one of these plans if only you have a need to sell pieces of your work and want to make this the main outcome of your artist site.

  • Four plans of just regular sites. They are quite popular if your main goal isn’t commerce. Unlimited bandwidth appears in plans costing from $12.50 to $24.50 a month but if you choose a plan costing either $4.50 a month or $8.50, you find the harsh bandwidth limit. Also, the cheapest plan ($4.50) will not make you get rid of commercial banners and makes you forget about a free domain (which is otherwise bought in some domain registrar for $15-25 for 1 year of running).


Review of premium Squarespace website builder

Squarespace is known on the market for high beauty of its templates, which are to the liking of Apple products’ users (as they love beauty over functionality). The working interface may not be the simplest among all site makers for artists but when you get used to it and abundant clicking that comes along, you will not want to take part with this online tool.


The advancements of a website builder for artists Squarespace:

  1. Free custom domain in each case, not like in Wix.

  2. Absolutely no commercial of a site maker for artists on your pages – no matter how little you pay.

  3. Complete mobile-friendliness.

  4. No limit on storage and bandwidth.

  5. Astoundingly beautiful templates, refined to perfection.

  6. Perfect to showcase your works – even some Hollywood stars use Squarespace.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Squarespace:

  1. Kinda pricey.

  2. Not tuned at lavishing sales.


The cost of top-rated website builder Squarespace:

It is extremely easy to receive comparative knowledge of prices of this site maker for artists, as on the pricing page, everything is located in a table form, where every feature and advantage is highlighted. This site maker on the market is relatively expensive, as it starts with $12 a month, ending with $40 a month. However, the prices change when you switch from yearly subscription to annual – so they become from $16 to $46 a month. That is, choosing a yearly subscription, you save up to $96.

Review of the best free website builder for artists Weebly

Weebly is often called the most popular tool on the market, as it makes strong competition to tree other monsters such as, Squarespace, and Wix.


The advancements of a website builder for artists Weebly:

  1. Easy-to-use interface with a simple working process, which does not overwhelm you.

  2. Comprehensible and relatively cheap subscriptions.

  3. Many templates for creative people.

  4. The steady-growing company offers good technologies to pace with time.

  5. Strong SEO.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Weebly:

  1. Does not work in just every territory of the world – like in Ukraine, Russia, as well as in most sanctioned territories on the globe. 

  2. If you lose the site or make some stupid mistake in it – you can only pray for the restoration of it, as there is no ‘Undo’ or ‘Restore’ button in a user interface, so you have to rely on work of customer support service (which not always gives a guaranteed result).


The cost of website builder Weebly:

Running it is possible for free but if you don’t want sadly slowing-down ad banners on your pages, it is desirable to pay attention to at least cheapest next option – €5 a month (yes, the entire pricing is shown in Euros, so you have to make your calculations to translate it into dollars). Then go options for €10 a month and for €20 a month. Along with €5-option, they offer a free yearly domain name – if paid for a year. Two most expensive among the named give also free advertising money and a possibility to sell things directly from your site, with an attachment of shopping cart to it. You also get unlimited storage. SSL security comes in all plans, even in the one for no money. The option of subscription #5 for €30 a month offers you to have abandoned cart management.


Review of Shopify website builder

This option is to be chosen by you if you need powerful sales above all and that’s how you are going to progress in an online world.  


The advancements of a website builder for artists Shopify: 

  1. Amazing sales processes and each piece of them. Everything is tuned at power, functionality, and simplicity of sales, as well as sales reporting and management.

  2. Perfect for professional online stores with the number of pieces sold starting from hundreds ending with millions of items at one site. 


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Shopify:

  1. The costliest option for site makers – ranging from $29 to $299 a month (with applicable 10% discount if paid annually).

  2. While great for sales, not great for any other types of site. So an artist should choose Shopify if only being oriented at sales of own pieces of work.

  3. Commission for sales transactions and other financial policies that will not suit everyone.


The cost of website builder Shopify:

For $29 a month, you receive a possibility to sell as much as you want, with 2 staff accounts. For $79 a month, you get more accounts of staff, functionalities of gift cards, advanced reports, third-party shipping calculator, smaller commission for sales, and more POS functions. For $299 a month, get everything to the maximum, even better commissions, more sales discounts, and any number of staff accounts. But when a seller sells for the too big amount (differing for industries), the Shopify company starts charging extra money, which can make you push to decide to migrate.


Review of Duda website builder

Duda is the first professional site maker for artists on our list, which is aimed directly at teamwork. That is why all its subscription plans are separated by the possibilities of teamwork it offers.


The advancements of a website builder for artists Duda:

  1. 14-day free plan. Cancel anytime without questions and obligations.

  2. A limited online store starts already in 14-dollar plan of subscription (it is possible to sell 10 products there).

  3. You can spill out a lot of your creativity and build a site promptly.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Duda:

  1. Relatively expensive, as it starts with $14 a month.

  2. SEO is not great and you won’t get too much guidance about it.


The cost of website builder Duda:

‘Basic’ plan starts with 14 dollars a month, giving one site to be built and hosting of it on Amazon Web Cloud. ‘Team’ subscription for $22 goes with same 1 site but bigger channels of support (in addition to e-mail, there are the live chat and phone assistance), team management features and no branding of a site maker for artists. ‘Agency’ plan for $74 a month offers 8 sites under 1 umbrella, the rest of things the same as in ‘Team’ plan, better API, and functionality of widget builders. 


Review of Jimdo Creator website builder

Jimdo is one of the specific site makers for artists, which stands in the middle of the market. It is nice for ease of use and flexibility of its designs but it lacks cool features and it is not good at all as the value for money.


The advancements of a website builder for artists Jimdo Creator:

  1. Storage space is of any quantity – in premium plans.

  2. Very helpful help center. 


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Jimdo Creator:

  1. Like in Weebly site maker for artists, the biggest disadvantage is that it is impossible to restore the site if anything goes wrong. There is just no such button and you can’t expect that customer support service is going to help you.

  2. Templates are limited in choice and greatness.


The cost of website builder Jimdo Creator:

What’s bad about Jimdo is that this site maker for artists does not have a fixed price. It changes from territory to territory you are in. Also, it tends to display the price in the local territory’s pricing, which is completely inconvenient for a web designer, who travels and makes payments from different parts of the world (or creates artist websites for his clients using this site maker and charges money for such service). For instance, when a user is in Central Asia, the monthly cost of Jimdo is from 0 to 15 Euros. When he switches to Western Europe, the price rises to 39 Euros per month at max – making it more than twofold more expensive. In the U.S., you see the pricing in dollars (39 dollars per month). Complete mess, in two words.


Review of SmugMug website builder

This is one of the best website builders for artists, which has been a little outdated already several years ago. Things have not changed since then. It is good (but not the best) for photographers and people desiring to make nice-looking portfolios with lots of pictures. The template is picture-oriented and only will be good-looking if a good-looking picture is in its heart.


The advancements of a website builder for artists SmugMug:

  1. Cheap to use.

  2. Many best website templates for artists tuned at showcasing pictures.

  3. Get started quickly and without many things than need to be set up.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists SmugMug:

  1. There is no possibility of free running.

  2. Not so many templates and it will take a while to personalize your theme to the farthest.

  3. No pacing with time.


The cost of website builder SmugMug:

This site maker for artists is oriented at annual pricing. At the pricing page of this tool, a user sees the money needed to be paid for a year:

  • $48 ($5.99 monthly)

  • $72 ($8.99 monthly)

  • $180 ($23.99 monthly)

  • $360 ($41.99 monthly).

Selling pictures is possible in the third and fourth plans.


Review of Wordpress website builder

This is the most technically powerful option on the market and, unlike its ‘bigger brother’, it does not require users to have any technical knowledge. So no wonder that it still keeps on growing every month. 


The advancements of a website builder for artists Wordpress:

  1. Intuitive interface with hundreds of classy templates and a lot of functions.

  2. Cheap to start with (only with €4 a month for the paid option but there is also a free run).

  3. Many free themes.

  4. Great for users with any technological background, from best to worst.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Wordpress:

  1. Some cool features only start with better packages that demand €25 a month and up – such as user help, monetization, sales, the biggest storage, and advances themes.

  2. The prices for subscription are billed yearly.


The cost of website builder Wordpress:

Starting with 0 bucks a month for getting to know the site, you can have 3 Gb storage and no limits on bandwidth, along with free themes but ad banners on your webpages. ‘Personal’ option for €4 a month gives you additionally 6 Gb storage, design customization, freeing from ads on pages. ‘Premium’ for €8 a month gives the best personalization, 13 Gb storage space, plus some social media and monetization tools. The ‘Business’ plan adds 200 Gb storage and business-class features. The end plan called ‘E-commerce’ for €45 a month gives sales features and everything other unlimited.


Review of Pixpa website builder

Pixpa is one of dedicated best website platforms for artists, of whatever industry of art they are: designers, architects, photographers, fashion-related people, or artists of other profiles. Creating an artist website with Pixpa is possible in neat design & perfect to each pixel in every one of its templates. It is easy to use so even the laziest person can cope with its work and know the way how to build an artist website in a matter of minutes.


The advancements of a website builder for artists Pixpa:

  1. Very easy to use, the entire interaction happens through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  2. Vastness of designs in its themes and the level of possible personification are loved by many users.

  3. 25% off the price when paid annually.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Pixpa:

  1. There are 5 subscription plans but the fifth that costs $5 a month is not immediately present on the pricing page – you have to choose an option ‘Client Galleries Only’ to make this option to appear. 

  2. In 4 out of 5 plans, there is pretty small storage – max 15 Gb. Only in the costliest plan, you get 1,000 Gb.


The cost of website builder Pixpa:

  1. ‘Client Galleries Only’ plan is possible for $5 a month with 10 Gb storage. This is the most simplified plan – just to showcase and share your pics. But its huge advantage is that it allows you to sell pictures securely and deliver them to clients in the same way (with a possibility to setup time of usage of your pictures – expiring or not).

  2. The rest of clients may enjoy other 4 plans ranging from $6 a month to $25 a month if paid annually (or from 9 to 32 dollars a month if paid month-to-month).


Review of Gator website builder

Gator does not make its business in all territories of the world. In some, it is restricted, not allowing its clients to access the functionality of sites making, only saying that the online hosting is available to them. It is a wonderful tool for blogs but it also suits for neat-looking small simple sites arranged as galleries.


The advancements of a website builder for artists Gator:

  1. Extremely easy to use and everyone can work in it quick.

  2. Mobile-friendliness, productivity, e-commerce, web analytics, and other features that are inherent to a host of other site makers for artists are present here the same – so it is not better and mainly not worse than the market’s average.


The shortcomings of a website builder for artists Gator:

  1. No e-mail marketing.

  2. Many outdated designs.

  3. If you want a complex site or some sophisticated processes occurring online, Gator site maker is just not for you.

  4. It is a powerful company in the world of hosting but building an artist website business is considered a side one so don’t expect its significant growth or technicality with the pace of time. 


The cost of website builder Gator:

There are three plans currently available:

  • “Starter” for $3.84 a month

  • “Premium” for $5.99

  • “eCommerce” for 9.22 a month.

Such low pricing compared to other site makers for artists can be explained by its kinda outdated functionality and not a single big advancement that puts this tool to the edge top.


Conclusion for websites for artists

There is no single solution that would suit all needs. Such a simple builder as Gator, for instance, can be a finding for those who are seeking for simplicity of use and cheap prices. Wix is a diamond in functionality, which can allow adjusting your site in so many areas, making it truly individual. Duda is for creative people, as well as SmugMug – but leaves a lot to desire in the personification of available themes. While Shopify artist website builder puts sales at the center of your business, leaving lesser space for creativity in your life, at the same time, Wordpress makes you easily make an artist website of your dreams focusing at oeuvre and quality.