Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

Top 5 Free Website Makers For Small Business


Experienced webmasters and web developers would say that building a website that sells and informs is an art. Well, we are not going to argue with that. Still, there is also no denying that hundreds fantastic free site builders are available for free on the Web. So where is the truth? Is it possible to construct your own platform without spending years on education and thousands of dollars on top-quality professional tools? You can do it, of course, if you choose the right builder with plenty of great templates for various businesses.

Our mission is to tell you everything about the top free online website building platforms that can turn the whole process of website creation into a pleasure.


The top 5 free website builders for small business


Here are the top-rated free platforms our experts have chosen for you:


  1. Webnode – Multilingual and multifunctional free editor

  2. Wix – All-inclusive free website builder for beginners and pros

  3. Weebly – No coding skills or experience needed

  4. Ucraft – Best free website service for small business owners looking for quality designs

  5. WebStarts – Nearly limitless opportunities for customization


Below you can find more detailed information on each of these builders and their major pros & cons.


Webnode – Great opportunity to create a website for small business for free


Webnode is a free multilingual drag-and-drop builder with over 30 million users worldwide. You do not have to download anything or be a top, super professional developer with years of experience – intuitive interface and lots of useful tips help to create a small business website without much difficulty and in the shortest possible time.


Benefits of using Webnode:


There is a free plan that allows non-paying small business owners to use basic features, in particular, to construct sites, choose a domain, use advanced SEO techniques, and contact support. Another great thing is that even the free members get access to special functions for 1 month – this is enough to understand if you really need to pay or not. Owners of small business also appreciate an opportunity to create a portfolio, blogs, forums, stores, business card website, and galleries.

There are plenty of templates to choose from. More importantly, they are grouped under the types of businesses. All users can add various elements like widgets, video materials, music, photos, counters, etc. As for eCommerce, Webnode users can add products and services, export them to price comparison services, and analyze the statistics.


Disadvantages to consider:


Still, Webnode has its minuses, which are as follows:

  • Access to the best features is limited for free members

  • Editing templates may be quite difficult for beginners

  • You will hardly find it in the App Store

  • You need to choose one of the paid plans to get a domain without “Webnode” subdomain.


Wix – All-inclusive free website builder for small business


We mentioned that Wix is all-inclusive. What exactly does that mean? Well, everything is simple – this is one of the few free builders that provide small business owners with an opportunity to construct a site on their software and servers, with their top-quality tools. So, you do not have to look for and download dozens of other apps to get the work done. Currently, over 100 million users, including the representatives of small business, choose this very platform. What is good, and what is bad about it? Find the answers below.


Benefits of using Wix:


One of the best things about this free platform is its flexibility. It offers tons of free templates just like many other similar services, but only Wix users move any elements and polish their sites to perfection. Another fantastic feature is the opportunity to change a template if you do not really like the previous one. There are also automatic backups, and that guarantees that you will not lose the work you have already done. In general, anyone can choose a theme, download some Wix apps to use plenty of special tools, integrate GoogleAdSense, use various SEO tools, create contact forms, use storage space, and contact Support 24/7.


Disadvantages to consider:

  • Wix is a bit more expensive than other builders

  • It may be difficult for a beginner to customize a template


Weebly – Great free website creator for small business

People working in the industry know that Weebly is one of the simplest free builders ever. You do not have to be a skilled super professional web developer to use it. In fact, you do not need to know anything about website creation to build a blog, store, or any other website for your small business.

Moreover, Weebly proves that ‘simple’ and ‘easy-to-use’ are not the synonyms for ‘bad’ and ‘low-quality.’ More than 40 million people worldwide use this free platform constantly or from time to time. But what else it has to offer to the small business owners? Does it have any cons? The careful analysis allowed us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this builder.


Benefits of using Weebly


So what can a Weebly visitor do? There are some good-quality basic features you can use without any difficulty: paste text, images, create contact forms, widgets, add video and audio materials, add goods and services if you are a small business owner, integrate to social media. The platform also offers a lot of opportunities for customization: you can change a template itself or choose another color scheme, fonts, and so on and so forth. You can choose a top-level domain or a subdomain, use basic SEO tools, insert your own HTML code, and download any of the apps you need in Weebly Store. We should emphasize again that any owner of small business can use all of these features without any special skills.


Disadvantages to consider:


  • There are some hidden costs

  • Not all of the apps available in the store are useful


Ucraft – Providing opportunities to build the best business web page for free


It is all about images and visual content, right? If you are looking for a free business website builder that will help you make your site look perfect, Ucraft is one of the best options. Experts call it image-centric and perfect for integration with the largest social media sites. Like all the platforms mentioned above, it has a free plan that includes all basic and some special features. In general, you do not need to pay to create a simple yet very good-looking site or a store. Moreover, the 2-week trial of Premium plans is a great offer that allows users to understand if they really need to upgrade to get what they want.


Benefits of using Ucraft:


The first thing we should mention is a wide variety of templates available to paying and Free users, in particular, to small business owners. Still, this will hardly make Ucraft stand out. Its major advantages are the opportunity to edit images (you can really make them look absolutely beautiful), video backgrounds and integration with all the largest social media sites. Another important thing is that it also integrates with the most popular apps, in particular, with iTunes. Besides, if you want your site to look great on any devices, you do not even have to do anything – all templates are mobile-optimized, so you need just to choose one. Particular attention should also be paid to the free logo maker, which allows small business owners to get started with branding, SSL security, Ucraft SEO app, and integration with Google Analytics. All this makes this free builder a pretty good option for small business owners who want to build a great site from scratch.


Disadvantages to consider:


  • The domain is not free of charge, and that is normal, but a lot of other builders usually offer a free domain for a year or less

  • The best Premium plan that includes all the features is quite pricey

  • The site is not so good for eCommerce


Webstarts –  Great platform to create a free business website


Adam Barger, the founder of Webstarts, notes that he and his team created WebStarts to provide small business owners with a chance to create their own sites, blogs, and stores without spending a fortune. Even though it was not a revolutionary idea, Adam managed to create an easy-to-use website builder that rapidly gained popularity due to very few limitations, great features, and intuitive interface. Besides, there is another thing that makes this platform popular: you have more opportunities for customization, i.e., a really unique site may be created and customized even by Free users. Let us focus on WebStarts’ major pros & cons to find out if it is worth your time.


Benefits of using WebStarts:


WebStarts offers a lot of professional tools to polish your websites to perfection. In particular, a member can create a mobile-optimized version of the site, pick a domain that starts working immediately, use SEO tools (this feature is available only to paid members), create an online store and accept payments, use up to 700 different fonts, and upload and share video materials for free. A Free user can change almost anything in a template, from elements to the background color. Besides, any registered member also gets 1 GB per 30 days and can get more after the upgrade.  You can also see the statistics and integrate your site to Google Analytics.


Disadvantages to consider:


  • You need to buy one of the premium plans to use marketing tools

  • There is no Live Chat to contact the Support Department

  • Storage is limited

FAQs about free website builders for small business


Is there a perfect platform for eCommerce?

First of all, such services offer a lot of great tools to the owners of small business. In general, each of them can offer some useful features. Still, Weebly is considered to be the best site for creating an online store.

Most builders are available for free, so what’s the catch? 

Free domains, hundreds of free top-quality templates, advanced SEO technologies, drag-and-drop are what the users get. How do the companies provide all these services, pay salaries, run servers, and promote their builders? Are there any sponsors or hidden costs? Everything is simple. Even though the free plans are available, a lot of owners of small business pay to create a better site. That’s how the things work - the companies earn enough to offer free tools, attract more people, and make their platforms more popular.

How do I build a site for my small business?

Making a site from scratch with the help of a builder does not take much time and does not require any special skills. The whole process can be divided into 4 main stages: choosing a builder, getting a domain name, setting up a site (choose a template, and customize it), publish the site.

Do website makers have strong SEO?

Some builders have built-in SEO features. Some, however, offer users to download free or paid app and extensions. But there is no denying that each of the website creators for small business that we described provides an opportunity to add and edit titles, descriptions, insert HTML code and even promote the sites in search engines.


Which free website maker is the best for small business? – Our verdict


Which platform is the best one? It is difficult to choose the winner, actually. Our analysis has shown that all of these builders are similar but different, and each of them has its strong and weak points. We recommend you to consider your own goals and background. Some website makers are easy-to-use, and they are just perfect for newbies. Some, in turn, provide more services, offer more sophisticated tools but are more difficult to use. As for the paid plans, most builders offer free trials, so do not miss your chance to find out if you need the upgrade or not. All in all, if you want to sell products online, start your own blog, or construct an informational site, and promote your small business, any of these providers can help you to get started.