Best Free Website Builders

All You Need to Know About the Best Free Website Builders 2019

A modern business simply cannot exist without a website. To stay afloat, you will have to admit that the business has become digital, and network presence and website creation are mandatory. However, it’s not necessary to bring yourself bankrupt by paying the honest work of the developers. Since today there is everything necessary for this also on free terms. It didn’t seem to you! Some solutions can be obtained both for free and for a fee. It all depends on what result you expect. In this review, you will learn about site designers that will help introduce your business to Internet users.


This tackle is intended for owners of both small and medium-sized businesses. High- rated templates that are already optimized for various devices, a set of interesting widgets and CEO tackles provide everyone who wants with an opportunity to frame a workable website.

Want to focus on the blog? This is also not a problem with this constructor. Moreover, it is airily to use and it has a clear interface. So even if you do not have special skills, then you can not only master the designer quickly but also achieve a good result. So yes, it is suitable for novices to use.


  • airily to use, suitable for beginners.

  • A good gallery of templates with a high-quality design, which is optimized for various screens.

  • The presence of regular functional updates.

  • Availability of SEO tackles.

  • It’s possible to add various widgets.

  • Reasonable prices for tariff plans.


  • Not suitable for framing large sites or stores.

It is worth paying attention that there are various bonuses and discounts. Tariff plans are divided into 4 types.

  1. The cost of a minimum package is only $ 5 per month and has enough kit of tackles to frame a site.

  2. The afterward conditions will cost you $10 per month and will provide access to premium class templates, as well as the possibility of website analytics.

  3. If you want to frame the store, you need to purchase a plan worth $ 12. There is an opportunity to test it for free for two weeks.

  4. Well, the last plan worth $15 is good for designers and those who are looking for creative solutions, and the possibility of coding. Also, there is the possibility of e-commerce.



This tackle attracts users’ attention as a free website builder of good quality. Another significant point is that is airily for novices. Since the main goal of the software is to quickly provide a solution for framing sites.

There are paid tariffs that open up a bit more opportunities for those who need a website for business purposes. Let's look at the pros and cons.


  • A very simple and intuitive interface that does not cause difficulties in work even for those who first encounter such a tackle.

  • Users can make a free website.

  • An assortment of templates for various directions.

  • The ability to work with the designer from different gadgets.

  • If you need to change your plan, it’s not a problem, even if you started with a free one.


  • The site will have the domain provided by the designer in the free version.

  • The functionality of the blog is limited; to expand the capabilities you need technical knowledge.

A free option is a good chance for framing a blog or website for personal use. To make a site for business or other serious purposes, you need to consider paid tariff plans.

  1. There is a plan for $4 per month, but it does not include e-commerce, and the features overlap with the free version.

  2. Tariff plans Pro ($18) and Business ($35) are the best for e-commerce. But it is worth remembering that the platform will charge a commission of 3% on each product.

  3. There is also a recent tariff plan called Performance, and its cost is $46.

Depending on paying in advance, the price will change by a smaller one. Thus, it’s more convenient to subscribe for a long period.


This is a good tackle to make a landing page, business card or store. The designer offers fresh and concise design solutions. It represents solutions for both small and medium-sized businesses.

To use the visual editor, there is no need for professional knowledge. Everything is simple and clear, and the interface is at ease from the first minutes of interaction. Let's move on to the main advantages and disadvantages that you need to know about before you start working with this constructor.


  • A solution for framing a multilingual site.

  • It is possible to frame a logo as part of the design.

  • Quick response from technical support.

  • Simple and intuitive tackle interface.

  • It has everything you need to frame a blog.

  • It is possible to use it as a free website maker that has many necessary features.


  • The slow load times of the visual editor.

  • Content blocks look the same.

  • Not quite airily for beginners to use, it takes time to familiarize yourself.


  1. There is a tariff plan worth $ 10 per month, and even the possibility of selling up to 50 products, about 70 payment and delivery options.

  2. If you need a store with more than 1000 products, then you need to purchase a tariff plan worth $ 21. In addition to many features, you can use coupons to increase your sales.

  3. Well, the last tariff plan is BigCommerce, which, as the name suggests, offers many opportunities for an online store. The cost of such a plan is $39 per month.




This constructor is appropriate for those who do not have any skills in framing sites, and the main emphasis is on framing single-page sites. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution for a small business or personal advancement, then do not pass this constructor. Moreover, you can frame a showcase of goods up to 500 items and a blog. If you need a one-page site, then it will be enough to use a free version. But if you need more pages, you will have to get a paid tariff plan. 


  • A good way out for those who need to frame landing pages.

  • It’s airily to navigate and manage all settings.

  • It’s possible to optimize the result for mobile devices.

  • All changes will be saved automatically.

  • There is a free option of use.

  • The presence of a visual text editor.


  • It isn’t suitable for big and informative sites.

  • The free plan has limited settings.

  • To get the interactive technical support you need to know English.


  • There is a free version that allows you to check how the constructor works. It is worth noting that at this rate there is no SSL.

  • The next plan costs $8. With such a plan, a domain is provided, but there is still advertising.

  • The $16 tariff plan includes a password, and it is possible to frame up to 3 sites.

  • The $49 tariff plan has almost unlimited features.


This is the best free website builder from the famous IM Creator. The number of users of this platform already exceeds 240,000 people. Not bad performance, right?

This constructor is more flexible and meanwhile complex. Since it allows you to frame better websites and has improved integration with e-commerce. As for whom it suits, there are no restrictions. Whether you are a student, a commercial or a non-profit organization, there is everything you need.


  • Really excellent and high-quality templates that can compete only with the best designers in their field.

  • There are samples of content filling, which allows you to quickly perform this task.

  • The ability to optimize the site for various devices.

  • There are free tariff plans for students and non-profit organizations.


  • Once you select a template, you cannot change it and have to start all the work again.

  • Lack of titles and descriptions for images.

  • If your goal is exclusively e-commerce, then it is better to choose a different constructor.

Pricing will delight users with its simplicity. There are two options: a free tariff plan and a paid one.

  1. A free plan is good for framing a site for own purposes and is suitable for those who do not have the skills to frame sites.

  2. A paid plan costs only $8 per month and is paid annually. Here you can remove ads and enjoy unlimited designer options.

  3. There is also a solution for designers who frame a website and then resell it. The cost of such a tariff plan is $ 350. 


This tackle is from German developers, which is the best option for framing business card sites, blogs and even stores. It is ideal for small and medium business owners. The main emphasis is on a friendly interface and ease of use.

We can say that it is an appropriate tackle for inexperienced users to frame the first site. The editor is airily to use, relatively functional, but there are some oddities in the layout of the elements. This tackle is very airily to use but no matter how strange it sounds; it is not the most convenient one. Although you can quickly get used to the designer.

But it is worth noting that there is nothing interesting for professionals in the field of framing a site. Let's move on to the advantages and disadvantages.


  • The functionality of the designer allows you to frame sites of different types and scales.

  • Good design templates, airily customization of each of them.

  • Convenient but very original visual editor.

  • It is possible to use widgets with which you can improve the site.

  • Good customer support.


  • There are not so many ready-made templates.

  • For SEO optimization you will have to purchase a second level tariff plan.

  • The free tariff does not provide the opportunity to use all the functionality of the designer.

  • The cost of tariff plans looks slightly overpriced.

Price policy

  1. Free rate allows you to frame a site up to 5 pages.

  2. For 10 pages, the cost will be $9.

  3. The following two rates allow you to frame a site for up to 50 pages, and the cost is 15 and 19 dollars. Many users note that a $15 tariff plan is enough to frame a good site.

  4. And of course, there is a plan that has no limits worth $39.


Google Sites

If you are in search of a tackle that doesn’t require understanding in the field of website creation, then you are just reading about it. Here you will find common interface and ease of interaction.

But if you are looking for a tackle to frame an online store or blog, you should continue the search. Since it is more appropriate for framing simple sites. Let's move on to the main advantages and disadvantages.


  • Ease of managing the tackle, no need for professional help or expert knowledge.

  • The hosting is provided for free.

  • It is possible to conduct analytics of your site.

  • Elements are framed using the drag and drop algorithm.


  • E-commerce has limited capabilities.

  • If you want to do more than a regular site, then there is not enough opportunity for this.

  • Limited opportunities for blogging on the site.

  • The design is simple and outdated.

  • The limited storage.


  1. The basic plan offers a set of tackles which is enough to frame a site, the cost is $50 per year. 30 GB for storage is provided.

  2. The next package costs $120 per year and has unlimited storage space.

  3. The premium version costs $300 per year and has no limitations in functionality. 


This is a universal tackle that offers a high-quality solution for any kind of site. Moreover, it’s available for users with any level of knowledge in the field of website development. In other words, even those who limited themselves to framing presentations will deal with this constructor.

Templates provide a good starting point, settings occur through drag and drop. In general, there are all conditions for those who do not want to delve into the technical aspects and spend a lot of time to understand the principle of work.


  • Simple and intuitive to operate.

  • The price for tariff plans corresponds to the quality.

  • The presence of a wide range of templates in different directions.


  • There is no way to change the template after starting the site.

  • To expand the functionality, you will have to invest in additional applications.

  • There are a lot of customizations that can be misleading and ruin the site.

It is possible to make the site free. And also there are 7 offers that suit any budget. Prices start at $13 to 49 per month. If you want to learn more about how they differ, check out this information on the site of the designer. By the way, there is also a mega offer worth $500 per month.

Let's start with the fact that this is not the WordPress that many people think about right away. This is a paid tackle that can be compared with the free version. But it is notable for its considerable ease of use and has already conquered many users.


  • Very powerful tackle performance.

  • It allows you to frame high-quality and complex sites.

  • Easier to operate than the free version.


  • Not a good option for beginners and requires a study by professionals.

Prices for use start from $3 per month to $25. Tariff plans vary based on the goals of the site. For instance, for e-commerce, you need to buy a $25 tariff plan. And to frame a blog, a tariff plan worth $ 3 will be enough.

This constructor is controversial for many users. On the one hand, it has everything that you need to frame a website and looks airily. However, many users note the fact that the interface is too overloaded and this prevents newcomers from working.

All items can be placed by drag and drop. It offers the opportunity to frame a website for free and make it secure. Let's get acquainted with the advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.


  • Good blogging tackles.

  • Reasonable prices for tariff plans.

  • More than 1000 templates.


  • There is no way to make a site multilingual, which is especially important for an online store.

  • You cannot integrate mailing list services.


  1. There is a free tariff plan that provides a company domain.

  2. For $7.99 per month, you can get a domain name, a mobile version of the site, and even a lack of advertising.

  3. If you want to use SEO optimization tackles, then a plan worth $9.22 per month is suitable for this.

  4. Further, users can purchase a business tariff worth $10.75.

  5. And for e-commerce, a plan for $18.45 is the best offer - it provides all the necessary tackles for an online store.

It is worth paying attention to an important nuance about prices. Each plan is carried out at the above prices with an advanced payment of two years.

What is a Website Builder?

What is it? This is all that you read above. But in simple terms, this is a special service that allows you to frame a website for free without the help of professionals or knowledge in the field of coding.

Almost all designers provide all the necessary tackles, functions and capabilities to frame a site.

How to build a website for free? Basically, the goal of such tackles is to simply provide functionality so that even a person who never knew how to build a website for free can cope with its creation. But in practice, not each of them is suitable for this purpose. However, in our review, you found out which of them is the easiest to use. 

Some of them offer free opportunities, and some offer to make a site on different conditions. Again, it all depends on your goals and needs. If you are looking for a tackle to make a business card or a blog, then free functionality will be enough. And if you pursue more global goals, then you can’t do without financial investments. However, the prices are reasonable. Otherwise, then it will be more profitable for users to ask for a ready-made solution, and not waste time framing everything from scratch.

Who Can Use This Kind of Tackle?

As you already understood, such tackles are suitable for absolutely everyone whose goal is to get a website. It does not matter if you want to make an online store or a website for the school. Almost all designers provide everything needed to frame any kind of site.

Also, they are suitable for those who are in search of a quick, affordable and simple solution. If you are just starting your own business and you don’t have any extra finances to pay for framing a complex website from scratch, and it’s extremely important to be present in the Internet space, then these tackles are especially for you.

Moreover, today it is becoming increasingly popular to frame websites with the help of such tackles. Again, this is due to simplicity, ample opportunities and the lack of need for professional assistance. If you look closely at each of the designers, you will notice that many popular companies used the designers for their sites. 

How to Choose the Right One?

In order to choose the most suitable constructor, you need to give answers on the following points.

  • For what purposes do I need a website?

  • How many pages do I need?

  • Do I need a simple site or a complex one?

  • Will I sell products using the site?

  • What design I want - should it be simple or professional?

  • Who will make the site? Will I do it myself or hire a professional?

  • How much money can I allocate to frame a site?

Once you answer these questions, you can return back to our top free website builders review. Now you have put together what result you want. All that remains for you is to find one that will meet each of your demands.

If You Still Have Questions

  • Simple free website builder vs paid  - Which is better to choose

Here we can draw an analogy with our own house and hotel room. A paid constructor is your own home. Here you can decide what kind of interior you want, what kind of furniture and so on. Returning to the constructor, in paid plans, you are given more opportunities and freedom. You can decide which template to choose, how to configure it and which domain name you want.

And with a free designer, everything happens like a hotel room. The interior has already been decided for a long time ago and without you, you have certain rules and restrictions and you cannot make changes, but only use it. This is what happens with the free constructor, you have been provided with the necessary conditions and function for framing the site. But if you want something more, you cannot get it. You choose templates from those that you were offered, the domain name that was provided to you and the number of pages available.

The advantage is sufficient both in the first and in the second embodiment. It just all depends on what you need and what you want.

  • Which designer to choose to frame an online store?

Again, it’s difficult to give a definite answer, since it all depends on your needs. Pay attention to WordPress and Strikingly. They have good opportunities to launch e-commerce. 

  • Where can I find a free domain name?

This is possible only within the framework of your constructor if it expects such a function. If not, you’ll have to buy from the designer’s developers and elsewhere. For example, Weebly provides a domain, but you won’t be able to change the name for free. To do this, it will be necessary to replace the domain in a paid tariff.

  • Are free website designers really free?

100 percent! You can do whatever is meant to be a list of free features. Based on what goal you are pursuing, expenses will depend. For example, if you want to download something more, then this can be found only when changing tariff plans.

  • What is the easiest free website builder for those who do not understand anything about framing sites?

Wix may be perfect for this, as it differs from the others in real ease of use. This will be a good starting point to frame a website of not bad quality.

  • How about SEO optimization in free designers?

It is immediately worth noting that such tackles are lame in SEO optimization. For example, Weebly provides own domain with its own name. And search networks do not like this. Therefore, if SEO is important to you, we recommend paying attention to paid offers.

  • What should I do if I cannot figure out the constructor?

If you have difficulties with the tackle, then first contact technical support. Usually, there you will be given instructions on what to do and maybe even teaching materials on how to build a free website.

  • Can I frame a website quickly with free website builder software?

In principle, this is quite possible but will depend on many factors. Firstly, on the scale of your site and its purpose. Secondly, it will depend on whether you have programming or web design skills. If so, then you can easily cope with the designers and can quickly frame a website. If you are a beginner, then you can easily make a one-page website quickly. Well, in the end, everything will depend on which designer you will work in.