Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders

The progress and importance of eCommerce raise every day. New users are constantly attracted to the Internet with the help of different online stores. 

Probably, there is no entrepreneur in the world that doesn’t use the Internet as a resource to promote and sell their products. It is a mutual process for customers and sellers as well. Customers are in search of new goods, sellers are in a constant search of new customers. Simple as that!

Numbers don’t lie, the total yearly turnover of eCommerce has reached a point in 2,3014 trillion in 2017. In recent years, this number is going to rise, for sure.    

The Internet is a perfect place for every entrepreneur with every idea and every product to sell it. To cut a long story short, eCommerce is a wonderful process of selling and buying products within the Internet along with the usage of financial transactions and payment services. In other words, it is called electronic and internet commerce.

There are dozens of billions of specialized websites to meet different tastes of customers audience created at specialized eCommerce platforms. eCommerce has significant advantages over the traditional retail system. It may propose a significantly clearer trading process because all payment systems are registered on a special company account and therefore might be observed and can’t be changed. The process of buying goods within the Internet might help to cut off all the unnecessary actions and be a time-savior. Along with that customers might get different notifications about discounts, payment offers, etc which is very convenient and useful. It helps to stay tuned. eCommerce function significantly helps to propose customers a very wide range of different products that for some reasons can’t be proposed offline. Moreover, big online-stores constantly try to replace smaller offline companies so there’s a big pressure in this area. 

Firstly, to start an eCommerce trading process you need to choose the appropriate and functional website builder. Before launching a website you need to visualize your future strategy, company goals and start to implement your actions towards future success!

Nowadays the market proposes a really wide range of free eCommerce website builders to deal with. The selection of the right website builder is half of future success. They got many really convenient and usable features as implemented SEO tools to promote your website for search engine machines, Editor to change and create templates, etc. The work of the eCommerce website might be compared with a work of web design agency and professional developers. 


The first free website builder we’re going to start with is a BigCartel.


Big Cartel 


BigCartel is probably the one and only eCommerce website maker where you can create your own online store and sell it without any payments. However, it will be more suitable for small business representatives that are not is a search for growth. One of these online platform advantages is the user-friendliness that will help every newcomer to deal with it. On the other hand, you’ll need to know how to code if you want some bigger results. Notifications and pop-up messages will help beginners to set up their online stores. Some of the users sincerely think of BigCartel as one of the riskiest choices to start your business. Fortunately, there are real user reviews that will guide you. 


As for disadvantages, BigCartel won’t be suitable for those who don’t want to stand out because it proposes a really low level of customization for their customers. There is a compilation of standard basic themes and templates to deal with. 


Another con is a request for coding skills which might be absent with an average user. Also, there is really low quality and depth of their implemented features which might be bad for further management. Standard eCommerce features include a mobile app compatible with different devices and three different financial systems (accepted payments). These are Stripe, Square, and PayPal. BigCartel doesn’t charge fees for transactions which is definitely a plus.

Also, this platform asks additional price for additional plugins to make your online-store more attractive for customers such as shipping options, analytics, promotional campaigns, etc. 

To sum up, we must say that the best way to know whether Bigcartel is a perfect choice for your needs is to try its free plan for 14 days. Unfortunately, only half of the real users have recommended it to the next ones.




Wix is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around the globe. It was launched in 2006 and since then attracted a real army of fans and let us tell you why. Wix eCommerce website builder contains different features implemented in a management system to achieve the highest results. It is a perfect combination of a website editor and eCommerce functions. This combination is winning for an online-store.


An implemented Editor helps customers to see the final design of a webpage which is very convenient. The interface will be pretty clear and understandable even for eCommerce newcomers which is a plus. It has a lot of features to make your brand really recognizable and creative so you can sell your goods. Implemented Design option might be compared with a full-stack web design agency to create the best design ever. 

As for eCommerce features, the Wix website builder has really useful options to deal with. Along with that, it might be localized into various languages to spread your influence around the world!  

Wix free website builder has a really fast customer support service to help you 24\7 without any rest. Various blog features can be easily added and implemented into your online store. As for eCommerce monthly plans, Wix starts at $28 for the basic package to $59 a month for more advanced and professional users.

Wix online platform might be a good choice for those who don’t want to spend enormous amounts of money paying for web design agencies, freelancers and others. It is very convenient for every user with every type of knowledge and experience. It is also constantly updated.




Shopify eCommerce website builder is one of the leaders in eCommerce maker segments. This free eCommerce website builder is one of the most appropriate solutions to create an online store for your products. It gives clients access to an online store creating options. Lack of technical background won’t be an obstacle for creating a web store with the help of current templates or creating them from nothing.

Along with that, Shopify free website builder proposes implemented SEO features for online promotion, and mobile compatibility with any device so you can get notifications on the go. Thus, your future online-store will be compatible with any device like laptop, desktop or tablet. 


Shopify monthly plans start from $9 for the newcomers to $2000 for larger companies. The level of monthly payment might depend on the amount of monthly revenue of the company. So, the company with a monthly income of $0 to $17 000 might be satisfied with a monthly plan for $29 only which is quite reasonable.


Shopify’s most attractive advantage is the ability to use its 14 days of a free trial. It is the best option to explore its weak and strong points and to decide whether it’s suitable for you or not. However, this platform is one of the most recommended eCommerce platforms for users. One of the Shopify’s advantages is its customer support to provide the best online help service ever for 24\7. Also, it has hundreds of themes that are waiting in line to be implemented. All of the eCommerce tools are contained in one specialized hosting and eCommerce website builder. 

 The process of creating a web-page is pretty simple and understandable. Every user with different skills may choose design and style for their taste, fill it with different templates and promote it with different SEO tools to achieve the highest sales level ever.  


On the other hand, despite its advantages, many real users admit some weak points and cons like a  high price of additional applications. Unfortunately, for some customers, Shopify might be hard for understanding and making such actions like changing themes, templates, etc. It was described by real users as most inconvenient and annoying. 

BigCommerce free website builder


This online eCommerce website builder is good for beginners and professionals as well. It is very compatible with different mobile devices and very convenient in everyday usage.

One of the most indisputable advantages of the BigCommerce online platform is the amount of implemented features. It is significantly higher than its competitors '. These features (e.g SEO tools) will help to promote your product within social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Many real users really admire these tools.


One of the BigCommerce advantages is its goal. It was designed especially to help customers with an online-store creation. BigCommerce will help you add products, set up your future store and sell! Let us name a few BigCommerce’s clients like Kodak, Toyota, etc. It also can be convenient and useful for small businesses as it promises a customers’ growth for the whole 28% in a  year.


Unfortunately, there are some cons as difficulties for beginners with complex terminology and the absence of mobile applications. However, the process of website creation will be pretty easy and understandable.




For sure, every type of software and eCommerce website builders has its own pros and cons. It has many convenient features that can significantly ease the process of website creation. Most of the users count Squarespace to be one of the most stylish platforms for the creation of online stores. It has flawless design options and wonderful templates. This is really good for creative people with imagination. 


Also, it has a really competitive price in comparison with other website builders. For example, its competitors have significantly higher price despite its almost similar functionality.


Indisputable plus is a simple and user- friendly Editor. It has a simple design and includes all important tools options in a left sidebar. The Editor gives an opportunity to manage pages, build sites, choose colors, site backups and many more. On the other hand, blogs and web stores are suitable for average users more than for businesses. 




Volusion might be suitable for beginners and professionals as well. Probably, it is one of the oldest eCommerce website builders. It was created in 1999 and became a platform for more than 30 000 online stores.

The first advantage to be named is constant updates of a system to ease the management process.

As for simplicity, Volusion is quite easy in usage but as for a web page design, it might be hard even for a professional developer and web designer.

Many customers find its customization pretty weak points to deal with. Also, it doesn’t have much creativity as other eCommerce sites do. On the other hand, its main eCommerce functions are perfectly done.

Volusion free eCommerce builder can be considered as one of the best for selling goods online so the eCommerce tools are really cool. It doesn’t rely on third-party integrations as its competitor Shopify does. Unfortunately, with this platform, you cannot sell digital products.

Volusion is also compatible with your mobile device. So it will be really easy to receive notifications and sell your products from your pocket!

Volusion accepts different payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. Also, it doesn’t provide a blogging platform so it might be quite hard to promote products.


Best free eCommerce platforms: The verdict

Only real user experience might be the verdict. The best way to decide which eCommerce website builder is appropriate is to decide what do you want from it. Each of the platforms listed has its own special features that no one else has. Some are good with SEO, others with eCommerce tools, payment methods, some of them have troubles with the creation of a template, etc. So the best way to decide will be to use an option of 14 days free trial to get acquainted with its strong and weak points and make a final decision. 


Can I build an online store for free?

Technically, yes. Definitely, you can set it up for free, but for further promotion and growth, you’ll need to share some money with a platform.

What’s the best platform for building an online store?

It depends on the business you own and the goals your company does have. 

How long does it take to build an online store?

To set-up, the store might be a matter of a few minutes even for beginners but further promotion might take some time.

Is my SEO going to be OK with a free eCommerce builder?

Mostly, SEO tools are implemented within the eCommerce website builder management system. The level depends on the builder you choose.

What will I miss with a free online store?

Features you might miss will depend on the website builder you’ll choose.