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Why use a Website Builder?

Website builders: Easy, Fast and Affordable
Website builders are a marvelous way to create a website for a small business or individual. Long gone are the days when only design pros could create a website. Now everybody, who knows how to use a computer and the Internet can make a breath-taking website.

What is a Website Builder?

Web-site (wěb'sīt') Build-er (builder) - noun
A website builder is an online/ offline HTML editor software application that lets the user create a website without any knowledge of the underlying markup and scripting languages. Most website builders use easy to use Point and Click or drag and drop technology similar to basic word processing programs similar to microsoft word. continue...

 Advantages of Website Builders

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24 hour Customer Service Available
Free Setup and Free Domain Domain


• Design your new website in minutes
• Free Setup and Domain Domain Names
• Over 25,000 Web site Designs Templates

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#4 Website Tonite

• 24 hour Online Customer Service
• Free Setup and Domain Domain Names
• Over 2500 Web site Designs Templates

What is a Website Builder? (Continued)

Most website builders offer a collection of website templates, pre-built web pages that can be modified by the user. Some will offer additional features like shopping carts or surveys.

Web site builders can be divided into online and off-line Web site builders. With an off-line application users will edit the site on their local computer and then publish it to a Web server provided by hosting providers. With online applications users edit their site using only a Web browser.

Most web site builders are proprietary tools provided by web hosting companies which cater to people who wish to build their own websites without learning the technical aspects of web page production. Most offer free trial periods. Some allow the user to see the source code, that is, the HTML behind the page he is building. Many do not, meaning that only certain designated areas on the page can be modified. Usually, these areas are: headers, text and some graphic elements.

Advantages of WebSite Builders

  • WYSIWYG - (what you see is what you get) editing, little or no html or css knowledge required
  • Put together a website in very short amount of time
  • Easily add flash, counters, forms, buttons, menus etc with drag and drop features
  • One button click publishing
  • Variety of predesigned layouts built right into most
  • Online site builder just requires an internet connection, no download or program to install.
  • Allows you to just add content to premade sites
  • Some allow editing in other programs later, example; original site built in sitebuilder but modified and customized at a later date in frontpage or dreamweaver
  • Basic builder built into the cpanel of some web hosts

Disadvantages of WebSite Builders

  • Some website builder have limited editing areas.
  • Advance customization may require some coding.